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DataHub® application examples - What you can do

You can do an amazing number of things with the Cogent DataHub when you connect, integrate and use the different features together.  See some of the examples below of what people are doing.

Live data on the web

Email & SMS Text Alerts

Logging to databases

Custom Integration

Networking your data/No More DCOM!

Connecting Windows data to other Operating Systems

DataHub with Excel/ Networking Excel data

Access embedded data

Real-time trend analysis

Database integration

Monitoring plant performance from home through a web interface

A Canadian chemical plant uses the OPC DataHub with the Webserver option to provide plant engineers with the ability to visit the company web site and view live performance data. So now, when the engineer gets a call at home, he can open up his web browser, log-in to the company site and review the latest data before making recommendations, or taking preventative action by changing process variables through the same web interface. No need to drive out to the plant for minor problems and he can react to problems rapidly and with enough information to make informed decisions.


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