Ordering Cogent DataHub® Product Packs

Modular Licensing



Part Number Product Pack Name Description Buying Link
Most Commonly Purchased DataHub Product Packs License + Support 
41290-SUPT-R Maintenance Agreement Renewal  An annual support and maintenance renewal agreement can be added to any Pack or feature set for 20% of the License cost.  You can add the maintenance Click here for more information
41290201-N OPC DataHub The new version of the OPC DataHub contains a number of new features that complement the already generous core functionality of the program. With the addition of these new features, the OPC DataHub once again raises the standard for real-time data integration in the process control industry. 1st year support included.
41290202-N DataHub OPC DA Tuneller With the DataHub OPC DA Tunneller you can quickly configure robust and secure OPC connections on a network, without DCOM. Eliminate COM configuration headaches, minute-long timeouts, and unreliable networking. A tunnel requires a license for each end of the tunnel. This requirement may be met by another DataHub pack you are buying. Contact us if you are unsure. 1st year support included.
41290203-N DataHub OPC DA Bridge The DataHub OPC DA Bridge lets you connect OPC servers, so that a change in one piece of equipment can be communicated directly to another. You can scale or modify your data as it passes through the DataHub, and define more complex relationships with the built-in Scripting language. 1st year support included
41290204-N DataHub OPC DA Logger Write data from the DataHub into any ODBC compliant database, such as Microsoft SQL Server, SQLExpress, MySQL, Oracle, and many more.  The built-in Store and Forward feature ensures that your data gets logged even during bursts of activity or network breaks. 1st year support included.
41290205-N DataHub System Monitor You can monitor the performance of computers anywhere in your  organization using the OPC DataHub. You decide what system parameters to monitor, such as CPU usage, free disk space, available memory and  whether critical processes are still running. 1st year support included
41290206-N Cogent DataHub The Cogent DataHub includes one license for all available features (except Modbus) in the Cogent DataHub family of products.  1st year support included
41290207-N DataHub WebView DataHub WebView is an application for designing and delivering high quality real-time displays. Based on Microsoft's Silverlight technology and Cogent's industry leading middleware back-end, this browser-based application introduces new ways to deliver process data to anyone over a network or Internet connection without any programming. 1st year support included
41290209-N Cascade DataHub for Linux Using the Cascade DataHub you can access live OPC data in Linux, and  write to an OPC server or client from any Linux program, using the  Cogent DataHub in Windows and the Cascade DataHub in Linux.  1st year support included
41290215-N DataHub Modbus The Modbus TCP/Ethernet OPC Server and device driver features of the Cogent DataHub provide secure, real-time data exchange between OPC clients and any Modbus TCP/Ethernet compliant PLC or device. 1st year support included
Optional DataHub Licenses for use with the API’s, Web Server and WebView 
41290302-N DataHub TCP Connection One DataHub TCP Connection License is needed for each concurrent connection using the DataHub API, DataHub Web Server using Streaming AJAX or Java Applets. Not used with DataHub WebView. 1st year support included
41290304-N 50 x DataHub TCP Connection One DataHub TCP Connection License is needed for each concurrent connection using the DataHub API, DataHub Web Server using Streaming AJAX or Java Applets. Not used with DataHub WebView. 1st year support included


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