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OPC Logger Studio - Data Logging

Log to Any ODBC Database or Internal Historian: One of Dream Report’s main goals is to turn all raw data collected into valuable statistical information that can be logged in any ODBC compatible database such as SQL Server or Oracle. For small scale projects, the data can be archived in the Dream Report historian.

Quick and Simple Configuration: Dream Report Data Logger enables the user to log data rapidly and without hassle. Use the built-in browser to quickly search through items defined in your data source. Improve the management and organization of your data by adding items to different log groups with the click of a button.

Dream Report offers several logging options to create a clean and accurate database. 

Logging can be done:
On change: log item values only if they are different from the previous value

On update: log item values when an update (value, quality, or timestamp) is received from the data source, whether or not the value has changed

Every: log item values at a defined rate, whether or not the value has changed

On item value change: log item values when the value of the trigger item changes

On absolute time: log item values at the exact time specified


Schedule Reports: Dream Report also includes an embedded scheduler which can be accessed through the Report Settings to allow you to create a different report for each day of the week.

Auto-Archive Databases: The database archiving tool enables users to periodically archive databases to automatically transfer aged data from the main database to an archive. This reduces the size of the main database and improves the performance of report generation. The tool can also auto-extract the compressed database when archived information is needed for reporting.

Compliment Existing Historians:
Dream Report Logger’s mission is not to replace your own historian, but to be also able to log raw data from sources which do not have the ability to provide historical information. For example, 60% of industrial automation sources like PLCs are still not connected to any historical system. Leveraging those data sources is compulsory to get a complete view of your assets.

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