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S5 and S7 Cable Connections

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S7 Connectors



USB-S7 Adaptor MPI, DP,PPI - 41278224
The USB-S7 Adaptor MPI®, DP, PPI is an USB interface to the MPI®/PPI or DP-Bus converter for programming software or HMI. The USB-S7 AdaptorMPI®, DP, PPIi has a 1.2m long MPI® connecting cable, which can be directly plugged into the programming port of the CPU or any node in the MPI® network. The LCD Display shows the transmisson rate and MPI®/ DP address.  The housing of the USB-S7 Adaptor contains a type B“ USB socket. The Adaptor can be connected to the PC via the USB cable supplied. The USB-S7 Adaptor MPI® is powered from the PC.  A driver for Windows 98/2000/XP is supplied.


IBH Link S7 ++ - 41278227
If your S7 200® ,S7 300® or S7 400® has to be connected with a PC via Ethernet but you don’t have Ethernet or all ports are used, IBHsoftec has more flexible solution: IBH Link S7 ++. The IBH Link S7 ++ is a very small gateway integrated in a Sub D connector.  The IBH Link S7 ++ replaces the well known IBH Link S7 and IBH Link S7 CrossOver.

    Additional features:
    - 16 PC-connections at the same time
    - 32 MPI® / DP-connections at the same time
    - Automatic Baudrate-detection
    - RFC1006 and PG(PU)-Connector
    - RJ45-Plug with autodetect integrated
    - Diagnostic LEDs
    - Power supply from the MPI® / DP interface


USB-S7 Adaptor MPI - 41278225
The USB-S7 Adaptor MPI is a USB interface to the MPI bus converter for programming software or HMI. The USB-S7 Adaptor MPI has a 1.2m long MPI connecting cable, which can be directly plugged into the programming socket of the CPU or at any other node in the MPI network.
The housing of the USB-S7 Adaptor MPI contains a type B“ USB socket. The USB-S7 Adaptor MPI can be connected to the PC via the USB cable supplied. USB-S7 Adaptor MPI is powered from the PC. The USB-S7 Adaptor MPI can be used at any node in the MPI bus. A driver for Windows 98/2000/XP is supplied.


PC-Adaptor serial MPI  - 41278226
This adaptor converts the serial port signals into the MPI protocol to provide all online functions available with S7 for Windows® or Step®7. The required power supply is normally taken from the S7-300® or S7-400® PLCs programming port. If the MPI Bus does not supply enough power, an external power supply (15 - 30VDC) may be connected to the PC-Adaptor serial MPI. The PC-S7 Adaptor serial MPI, DP has a 9 pin Sub-D connector to connect it to the PC via a standard Zero-Modem cable (delivered with the SSW7).


S5 Connectors



IBH USB-S5-Adapter - 41278223
Interfaces the PC USB Port with the 15 pin AS511 Interface port of the PLC. The 15 pin connector housing is made from solid metal and contains the complete electronics. The IBH USB-S5-Adapter takes it's power supply from the USB port of the PC. It is an active cable, no power supply from the PLCs programming port is required. A Constant Current apdater is not needed for this reason. The IBH USB-S5-Adapter can be used with S5 for Windows®, the IBH OPC Server and STEP®5 (Drivers for Windows 2000 and XP are included )


IBH Link S5 - 41278222
As an alternative solution, IBHsoftec has recently introduced the IBHLink S5 for connecting a S5 PLC with a PC. The IBHLink S5 is compact and robust Ethernet-converter within a 15-pin Sub-D-housing for a connection via a switch, a hub or even directly to a PC with a common network adaptor. The used protocol is the standard TCP/IP protocol. In this way, the user can benefit from all the advantages of Ethernet like remote maintenance via a standard router or VPN-connections (Virtual Private Network). Likewise, a direct connection to the Internet is possible. All required drivers for the STEP® 5 software from Siemens and for S5 for Windows® included.


PC-S5-Current Loop Converter - 41278220
The SMD electronics are located in a solid metal 15 pin SubD connector shell. The pin assignment fits the following Simatic® PLC’s: U90, U95, U100, U101, U115, U135, and U155. The PLC must be active and needs to supply the the loop current (2 x 20mA). The 9 pin SubD connector is plugged into the serial port (COM1 COM4) of the PC.


Constant Current Adaptor for the PC-S5-Current Loop Converter - 41278242
For PLCs, that are not supplying the loop current (2 x 20mA), the Constant Current Adaptor is required to establish a connection. Two constant current (20mA) sources are located in the solid metal 15 pin Sub.D connector shell to supply the loop current. The adapter is delivered with a AC / DC adaptor. The pin assignment matches the pin assignment of the PC-S5-Current Loop Converter.

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