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OPC_DA20_Compliance_TestedOPC DA Server Toolkit

Northern Dynamic’s OPC DA Server Toolkit is ideal for the product developer planning to include OPC Data Access server connectivity in their product offering.

Benefits of using the OPC DA Server Toolkit

Toolkit users cut valuable time off development schedules.OPC_TKDA_overview_Diagram
If you already have the protocol stack or API for your device or system, an OPC server can be developed literally in a matter of days using the toolkit.

Software maintenance costs are reduced.
Updates to the OPC Data Access specification are easily applied to your OPC server. In most cases, your server application requires a simple rebuild with the revised toolkit DLL.

Field support and integration costs are reduced.
Our toolkit provides a comprehensive 3-tiered diagnostics suite. Your field support staff and developers use these tools quickly and definitively resolve interoperability problems.

OPC Security support.
A security interface (including a sample implementation) is now provided to prevent unauthorized access to server data. Read more about our OPC security implementation.

OPC Expert support.
Our dedicated OPC developer support team is ready to answer your toolkit and application questions. You can depend on responsive and helpful advice from our support team.

What the Toolkit Does

The OPC DA Server Toolkit consolidates the COM interface implementation and the management of complex OPC DA client-server interactions into a royalty-free dynamic-link library (DLL).

Using the toolkit, the server development effort is focused on driver code development and value-added features, not the intricacies of OPC and COM.

The object model exposed by the toolkit is simple enough for rapid server implementations, yet flexible and efficient for the development of complex and high performance OPC servers. The diagram illustrates how the toolkit interacts with your driver code.

Who is Using the OPC DA Toolkit

Organizations using Northern Dynamic OPC server toolkits include:

ABB, Ann Arbor Computer, Analytical Technology, Inc., AspenTech, Atmos International, Ballard Generation Systems, Carl Zeiss, Centre de Recherche Industrielle du Québec (CRIQ), ConocoPhillips, DomesticSoft, Dupont, Eastman Kodak, European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Fermilab (US Government), GE Fanuc Automation, GE Industrial, GE Lighting, Hermes SoftLab GmbH, Honeywell, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Monarch Instrument, Munger Company, NASA, National Grid USA, Northern Power Systems, Rolls Royce, Research Systems Inc (RSI), Rockwell Automation, Siemens AG, Standard Automation, VAI Industries (UK).

OPC Security

Most OPC servers contain sensitive production data or information that is valuable to the enterprise. Protecting this information from unauthorized access is important to your organization. Now, with the OPC Data Access (DA) toolkit, adding OPC Security to your server is easy-to-do!

Benefits of Our OPC Security Implementation

The DA Toolkit now provides a complete implementation of the OPC Private Security Interface that goes beyond providing simple interface hooks. It ships with the following features and a sample source code designed to make your job easier.

  • Client Logon - With OPC private security, clients must explicitly logon before being allowed access to any secured object.
  • Unique Security Credentials - Private security credentials allow you to isolate server security from underlying network security. 
  • Security Granularity -  Two levels of security granularity give you added flexibility and control. Server level security allows you to define user access rights for all items in the server namespace. Item level granularity allows you to assign user access rights to individual items or to groups of items. 
  • High Performance - Our OPC Private Security implementation imposes virtually no overhead to normal OPC server processing. 
  • Rapid Implementation - Modify the sample server (provided with our evaluation software) to get your security implementation working quickly. 
  • Security Interface Testing - We provide a pre-built version of the client for testing your server security modifications. 

OPC Standard Compliant

The OPC Data Access (DA) Toolkit security interface and sample implementation are fully-compliant with the OPC Security Custom Interface 1.0 standard. 

Evaluation Software

The OPC Data Access Toolkit makes it easy to add security to your server. Download our free evaluation software today and see for yourself!

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