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SLIK-DA with UA Features

SLIK-DA with UA is a simple and flexible software tool for building robust OPC Data Access and Unified Architecture servers. SLIK-DA 5 is an ActiveX and Microsoft .NET Windows Form Control designed for quickly adding OPC DA and UA server interfaces to your application.

You write your application to use SLIK-DA 5 properties, methods, and events.

SLIK-DA 5 with UA

Do you need to:

  • Build a custom OPC DA or UA server, but don’t have the time to wade through OPC specifications?
    The SLIK-DA 5 is fully compliant with OPC specifications 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. It also now implements the DA profile of the UA specification. You can use the simple API, consisting of properties, methods, and events that let you build your server quickly. The SLIK-DA control handles the messy OPC and COM details for you behind the scenes.
  • Integrate an OPC DA or UA interface into an existing custom application?
    Since the SLIK-DA 5 is delivered as an ActiveX control, it works in a variety of environments and languages and allows you to rapidly add an OPC DA or UA interface to an existing application.
  • Have the flexibility to develop in ActiveX and .NET environments?
    The SLIK-DA 5 is an ActiveX control, so it will function is most ActiveX environments. It is also delivered with a .NET Interop library that allows for seamless transition between managed and non-managed code.
  • Develop a robust OPC server quickly to meet project deadlines?
    The simple API exposed by the SLIK-DA 5 allows you to rapidly develop robust applications that are both flexible and scalable. Create a simple custom server in a short amount of time, and still have the flexibility to expand your implementation at a later date, without having to re-write your existing code.
  • Reduce the support and integration costs of your OPC DA server?
    SLIK-DA 5 provides a built-in set of tools for diagnosing application, integration, and interoperability problems. Track runtime statistics, trace messages, and log OPC calls between the server and the client.
  • Secure the access to data in your server?
    SLIK-DA provides a security interface that allows you to protect your server data from unauthorized access. Adjust the granularity of the security to suit your needs. The security of your server can be expanded even further when you upgrade to the SLIK-DA 5 through Microsoft security certificates. The security certificates allow you to tunnel data safely over a VPN or through firewalls.
  • Eliminate DCOM headaches?
    Never configure DCOM settings again, when you implement the optional UA interface in your SLIK-DA server. Since the UA specification is not dependent on the COM/DCOM layer, you can connect UA applications remotely with no additional configuration required on the remote machines once security certificates are exchanged.
  • Manage software maintenance costs?
    Update your server to the latest version of the OPC specification by updating your toolkit. Our OPC experts take care of the OPC details behind the scenes. Protect your investment with an affordable software maintenance program.
  • Have faith in your OPC solution?
    Software Toolbox has been in the OPC client and server technical support business since 1996, supporting a wide variety of companies, including some of the biggest in the world. Get our OPC experts and our toolkits behind your next server implementation.

A USB Hardware Key is available for use with any SLIK-DA 5 Developer Licenses.  Click Here for ordering details.

Already a SLIK-DA user?
The new version of the SLIK-DA with UA offers existing users the following benefits:

  • Support for the latest operating systems, including Windows 7 and above , Server 2008 and above, 64 bit systems
  • Support for the latest development environment Visual Studio 2010 & 2013
  • Expand your data connectivity and integration possibilities by adding a UA interface to your existing SLIK-DA application without writing a single line of code!

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