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SLIK-DA with UA - OPC Server Toolkit

The Simple, Language Independent Kit for creating OPC Data Access servers (SLIK-DA 5) is an ActiveX control that allows the user to quickly develop custom OPC servers in a variety of environments. As the name suggests, the SLIK-DA allows a user to create an OPC DA compliant server, with an optional UA interface, using simple pre-defined properties, methods, andSLIK-DA_Overview_RGB events.

The SLIK-DA 5 alleviates the task of creating an OPC server by providing a more simplified object model AND additional built-in services, like automatic namespace browsing. Since it is delivered as an ActiveX control, it can also be utilized in virtually any development environment (e.g. Visual C++, Visual Studio.NET, etc.).

The latest version of the SLIK-DA now includes an optional OPC Unified Architecture interface. Just as the old version of the SLIK-DA provided a simplified API for implementing an OPC DA server, while hiding the messy details, the new SLIK-DA 5 w/UA makes it even simpler to create a UA server. In fact, if you already have a server built with the SLIK-DA, you don’t need to add a single line of code to gain the multitude of advantages that UA provides.  Visit our OPC UA Portal for more information about OPC UA

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