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March 7, 2017 - Release of Minor Version

Minor revision includes the following updates:

  • Resolved known issues with Topic creation introduced with V3.0 initial release.
  • Support added for Host Message import/export via CSV.

October 4, 2016 - Release of Major Version 3.0

Software Toolbox is pleased to announce the release of OmniServer V3.0.

Release Notes for Version 3.0

  • NEW Support/Maintenance Period Intelligence - OmniServer V3.0 now detects support/maintenance coverage - future upgrades will no longer require re-registrations for users covered by active maintenance/support agreements.
  • NEW Configuration Wizard - OmniServer adds a user-friendly configuration wizard that walks you through the process of configuring a topic and associating new/existing protocols and devices to get started communicating more efficiently.
  • Updated Configuration Interface with Tree View - The main configuration side bar has been updated to display an integrated tree view of all configuration views including Topics, Devices, Protocols, Clients and Diagnostic Tools.
  • Updated Topic and Device Configuration experience - From the new expanded tree view, select your topic or device and edit the properties directly in the main panel.
  • New Client Count Poll Statistics item - new topic-level poll statistics item provides a count of how many clients are actively connected to each topic in OmniServer.  Count is also visible in the Poll Statistics diagnostics view in OmniServer.
  • Updates to Computer ID Generation - Computer ID mechanism for licensing OmniServer has been enhanced to prevent unexpected license invalidation.
  • Resolved issues with I/O monitor capture and display inconsistencies.
  • Added Stop Poller and Start Poller menu sub-options back to File menu - previously these settings were removed in V2.10 Build 1 for OPC UA certification testing.

August 17, 2016 - Release of Minor Version

Minor revision includes the following updates:

  • Resolved issue with inbound/unsolicited TCP socket behavior - received data was not being successfully processed if the device closed the connection immediately after sending the data.

July 21, 2016 - OmniServer passes Wonderware Compatibility Testing

Wonderware Certified Partner ProductSoftware Toolbox is pleased to announce that OmniServer has officially passed the Wonderware testing process for compatibility with Wonderware software solutions, including Wonderware System Platform, Wonderware InTouch and Wonderware Historian.

Wonderware users needing to integrate various devices such as barcode scanners, printers, labelers, scales, RFID systems and many others can be confident that OmniServer is fully compatible with their Wonderware systems.

March 10, 2016 - Release of Minor Version

Minor revision includes the following updates:

  • Support for Windows 10 and Server 2012 R2 operating systems.
  • New DATALOGIC Sample Protocol! - Provides default unsolicited communications with Datalogic barcode scanner configured for barcode followed by carriage return.
  • Updated default configuration views for enhanced usability - The default view for each configuration window is now “Details” view, which provides better readability of device, topic and protocol naming, as well as, visibility into certain setting information without having to open the component (such as communications parameters).
    • NOTE:  To change the View to another option, these are still fully configurable via the View menu in the OmniServer configuration.

January 4, 2016 - Release of Minor Version

Minor revision includes the following updates:

  • Updated to the latest OpenSSL libraries for use with OPC UA Server interface, which pro-actively addresses vulnerabilities published by the OpenSSL team on December 3, 2015.

November 6, 2015 - Release of Minor Version

Minor revision includes the following updates:

  • Addresses VC2010 dependency installation issue introduced in

October 13, 2015 - Release of Minor Version

Minor revision includes the following updates:

  • Security update for OpenSSL library V1.0.1p (used by the OmniServer OPC UA Server interface) - only applicable when using the OmniServer OPC UA Server interface for OPC UA client applications.
  • Updated Topics List import/export via CSV - Topic Variable values associated with a topic are now detected and retained in the CSV file.
    • Important - Only the actual values for Topic Variables defined in the Topic can be edited via CSV import/export of the Topics list.
    • The actual Topic Variables (including the name and description) are defined in the OmniServer protocol that is associated with a Topic.  As such, it is not possible to add/remove Topic Variables using the import/export for the Topics list.
    • Import/export of actual Topic Variables is possible within the specific protocol itself.

August 11, 2015 - OmniServer V2.10 is OPC UA Lab Certified

Software Toolbox is pleased to announce that OmniServer V2.10 has now been OPC Certified for the OPC UA specification by the OPC Foundation test lab.  OPC Certification ensures the highest level of compatibility with your OPC UA Client applications.  Click here to view the OmniServer OPC Certificate!

July 15, 2015 - Release of Minor Version

Minor revision addresses the following discovered non-breaking issues required for OPC UA certification testing:

  • Stop Poller and Start Poller menu sub-options from File menu have been temporarily removed until a subsequent minor release.
  • Behavior has been updated to correctly issue an error message to an OPC UA client application when a write operation has been performed for a device that is currently disconnected.
  • Support added for reading up to 65,535 tags in a single OPC UA read.

June 11, 2015 - Release of Major Version 2.10

Software Toolbox is pleased to announce the release of OmniServer V2.10.

Release Notes for Version 2.10

  • NEW! OmniServer Logger is now configurable for logging event data to static log file, including support for spanning to new log files based on number of events or duration.  Also supports easily deleting old log files based on a specified date range. (Click for Configuration Instructions).
  • I/O Monitor enhanced to keep sent and received packets displayed on their own separate lines for ease of viewing.
  • I/O Monitor snapshot menu option enhanced to allow specifying a Save As location and file name for the .html output file from the I/O Monitor.
  • Various updates to OPC UA server interface for OPC Foundation lab certification testing.
  • Resolved known issue preventing OmniServer Version 1.x protocol files from importing - Version 1.x legacy protocol files now imported with no issues.

April 20, 2015 - Release of Minor Version

Minor revision resolves a potential OpenSSL vulnerability for OPC UA interfaces using SSL encryption.  Software Toolbox began working on addressing this issue immediately when notified by our toolkit supplier of the issue.  The issue has been resolved by updating the OpenSSL libraries.  Users not utilizing the OPC UA server interface with SSL encryption are NOT affected.

May 27, 2014 - Release of Major Version 2.9

Software Toolbox is pleased to announce the release of OmniServer V2.9.

Release Notes for Version 2.9

  • New sample protocol for Mettler Toledo scales supporting communications (serial or Ethernet) with the Mettler Toledo SICS protocol
  • Enhancements to OPC UA server interface
    • Implemented latest version of third-party OPC UA server toolkit.
    • Support for sampling/polling model for updates to an OPC UA Client (previously, only exception-based subscription model was supported)

January 23, 2014 - Release of Major Version 2.8

Software Toolbox is pleased to announce the release of OmniServer V2.8.

Release Notes for Version 2.8

  • Support for CSV Import/Export of the following:
    • Topics
    • Devices
    • Protocol - Items List
    • Protocol - Register Number List
    • Protocol - Topic Variables List
  • Support for Importing .DPD Protocol files from the OmniServer Configuration Window.
  • Support for Importing Existing .CFG Configuration Files from the OmniServer Configuration Window.
  • Support for stopping/starting OmniServer Poller from the OmniServer Configuration Window.
  • New Diagnostics Menu - Makes it easier to find the menu options for OmniServer Diagnostic functions.
  • Usability Changes:
    • Renamed “Host Messages List” to “Command/Request Message List” (More accurately explains what the list contains)
    • Added descriptive text under the following Protocol dialog sections:
      • Command/Request (Host) Message - Request section
      • Command/Request (Host) Message - Response section
      • Unsolicited Message - Received section
      • Unsolicited Message - Response section

December 19, 2011 - Release of Minor Version 2.7-022

IMPORTANT!!!  OmniServer V2.7 Build 22 specifically addresses a rare licensing algorithm glitch that less than 1% of customers should experience that prevents OmniServer from being licensed initially.  Do NOT download and install Build 22 if you already have OmniServer V2.7-020 or earlier installed AND licensed.  Doing so will invalidate your license and you will need to submit a re-registration request.

Anyone downloading and installing on an unlicensed machine should proceed with the new build.

June 6, 2011 - OmniServer V2.7 is OPC DA 2.05 Certified

Software Toolbox is pleased to announce that OmniServer V2.7 has now been OPC Certified for the OPC DA 2.05 specification by the OPC Foundation.  OPC Certification ensures the highest level of compatibility with your OPC DA 2.05 Client application.  Click here to view the OmniServer OPC Certificate!

November 22, 2010 - Release of Minor Version 2.7-020

Minor revision addresses an issue discovered with password protected OmniServer protocols being used with multiple topics.  The issue prevents protocol access for additional topics using the same protocol beyond the initial topic that is configured.

September 16, 2010 - Release of Major Version 2.7-019

Software Toolbox is pleased to announce the release of OmniServer V2.7.  This version adds support for the new OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) specification from the OPC Foundation.  OPC UA provides a secure, reliable client connectivity architecture for both local and remote data acquisition.  OPC UA provides remote connectivity without the use of Microsoft's DCOM transport technology.

Important Links:

Release Notes for Version 2.7 (Detailed information can be found here):

  • Support for OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA).
  • Enhanced GUI with collapsible Topics in Item Values window.
  • Fixed bug with Event Logger not displaying TCP Winsock errors properly.
  • Known Issue with RANDOM Test Device - Cannot currently be assigned to multiple Topics.
  • Support for newer 64-bit Operating Systems.
  • Support removed for Windows 2000 Family Operating Systems.

September 5, 2008 - Release of Major Version 2.6

Software Toolbox is pleased to announce the release of OmniServer V2.7.

Release Notes for Version 2.6

  • Support for Vista and Windows 2008 Server.
  • Added option for disabling the service dependency on NetDDE service.
  • Fixed bug where multiple UDP devices setup on the same port were ignoring data.
  • Added box in the logger options for setting the size (in KB) of the logger text capacity.
  • Added option to use fixed-width font in the protocol editor window. (Default is fixed-width)
  • Increased the object limit from 512 to 2048.
  • Added “Keep Alive” option for TCP devices.
  • Added option to change the background color behind the address column in the I/O Monitor window. (Default is gray)
  • Set the default message length to 32768 for all new protocols.
  • Added the Email Wedge. (Professional Version only)
  • Added device and/or topic information to the end of I/O event log entries.
  • Added header information of the object being monitored to the I/O Monitor HTML snapshot file.
  • Fixed some minor OPC issues:  Now send an “OnDataChange” for all items after a re-advise, after SetEnable(TRUE), after Group.SetState(Active == TRUE), and after a change of data type during SetDataTypes.
  • Added ability to setup an integer “Message Count” item in protocols.  This will work just like a Notification Item but instead of setting a boolean flag when the message occurs, the integer value will increment by one each time a message completes.


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