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OmniServer Professional Edition

Our most powerful OmniServer. It includes all the features of our OmniServer Server Edition plus the OmniServer Wedges. The OmniServer Wedges are built in components which transform your raw data to keystrokes for programs or log your data to a text files and SQL databases. A must have for those who want to expand the capabilities of OmniServer beyond its server roots.


The standard by which all other configurable servers are measured, the OmniServer Professional Edition utilizes an advanced configurable protocol development tool to deliver any Serial, LPT, or Ethernet data over to any OPC UA, OPC DA, SuiteLink, or DDE client.

Without the use of programming, and only using dialog boxes, you can describe your data stream to OmniServer and have it control the polling of the device and the delivery of the data.

There is never a need for expensive custom drivers - OmniServer gives you all the tools you need to develop your custom driver in a fraction of the time!



  • Fully configurable protocol engine, configured via dialog boxes.
  • Starting with V3.0, a configuration wizard makes it easy to setup a connection using new or existing configured device connections and protocols.
  • Tree view makes it easier than ever to configure topics and devices, troubleshoot communications and more.
  • Communicates with most any device over RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, LPT, or any of three Ethernet flavors (TCP, UDP, and TELNET).
    • Including USB devices mapped to Virtual COM ports
    • Including Ethernet-to-serial devices
  • CSV Import/Export (for mass edit capabilities on large projects)
    • Topics
    • Devices
    • Protocol - Items List
    • Protocol - Register Number List
    • Protocol - Topic Variables List
  • Delivers that data to any Windows program that can act as an OPC UA, OPC DA or DDE client. Also supports Wonderware's SuiteLink communications.
  • The number of devices that can be connected is limited only by resources on your computer.
  • The number of clients that can be connected is also limited only by the resources on your computer.
  • ASCII and Binary data streams supported.

Exclusive Pro Version Features:

  • OmniServer Database Wedge to log your data directly to any SQL database.
  • OmniServer File Wedge to log your data to any file - in any configurable format.
  • OmniServer Email Wedge to send your data as an email message - in any configurable format and to any email address (including text messaging on cell phones).
  • OmniServer Keyboard Wedge to transfer your data via keystrokes to any Windows program.


Licensing and Purchasing

  • OmniServer Professional Edition  is licensed on a per-computer basis. You are not limited to the number of devices to which you may communicate, but any additional computers running OmniServer will need additional licenses.
  • Click here for purchasing information.

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