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Online Demos

The following online demos are REAL EXAMPLES that show and prove the concept that the OPC Web Client can deliver OPC content over the internet.

The "Greenhouse" OPC Server (also installed with the OPC Web Client) is available in our web-farm and will be used in these online demonstrations. The data you see in the following examples is live!

The following examples are available, each example will open in a new window. Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher is required.



    Internet OPC Explorer

    This frames-based webpage integrates OPC Server Browsing, Tag Browsing and of course Reading & Writing to Tags via the Web Service.

    Greenhouse Demo

    The greenhouse example makes use of the Simulation OPC Server that is installed with the OPC Web Client.

    Simple OPC Client

    This is a very basic OPC Client that makes use of server-side (browsing OPC Servers & Tags) code as well as client-side code (reading/writing to Tags on the fly).

    Online Charting *

     Greenhouse OPC Server statistics in a chart, in a web-page.

    Online Charting
     - Dynamic Web Page 1
     - Dynamic Web Page 2
     - Dynamic Web Page 3

    These examples make use of one web-page. The web-pages are built with ASP and take 2 arguments to specify the OPC Server to use and the Tags you wish to log within a Chart.

    * This page uses our Instrumentation ActiveX controls to chart data in a web-page. You may be prompted to install an ActiveX component and if you are, please accept and install the ActiveX as it is required, and will not harm your computer or breach its security in any way.

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