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OPC Data Client


OPC Data.NET is a 100% managed .NET tool for developing OPC DA and A&E clients, with native support for both 32 and 64 bit operating systems, primarily targeted for development in Visual Studio 2008 and later. The component can be used in a variety of languages from C#, Visual Basic.NET, and managed C++. Windows Forms, ASP.NET pages, console applications, and WPF applications are all supported

Contains two main classes:

  • EasyDAClient: primary .NET class which includes properties, methods, and events for most common OPC Data Access & XML-DA functions.
  • EasyAEClient: primary .NET class which includes properties, methods, and events for most common OPC Alarms and Events functions.

Helper Classes allow the user to fine tune various settings in the application such as:

  • read and write call timeouts
  • item, server, and topic hold periods
  • managing request and response queue sizes
  • preference for synchronous or asynchronous communications
  • the acceptable time range for the age of the value
  • and more

Live Binding Model provides a point-and-click method for binding OPC DA tags directly to form controls for rapid, codeless development.

  • Automatically read, write, or subscribe to tags on project start up
  • Read or write tags on an event
  • Display other tag properties such as timestamps, qualities, and even errors. 

WinForm components:  Drag and drop components onto your form for even more rapid client  development. Components are available to allow you to automatically:

  • Browse for computers on the network
  • Browse for OPC DA, XML-DA or A&E Servers on a specified computer
  • Browse for OPC DA or XML-DA items or properties
  • Browse for OPC A&E areas, attributes, or categories

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to Learn
  • Robust
  • Scalable
  • Free Code Samples
  • 100% managed code
  • Connect 1 to N OPC Servers
  • Read or Write 1 to N number of tags
  • Programatically/Graphically browse servers
  • Optimized for maximum performance
  • Ability to create reusable logical objects to represent plant equipment or processes with Live Data Mapping
  • Customizable event-log for troubleshooting
  • Easy to Implement
  • Easy Deployment
  • Extensive Help
  • Tested at OPC Interop for quality
  • Support for Native x86 and x64 applications
  • Read/Write 1/many Tags in a single instruction
  • Programmatically/Graphically browse Tags
  • Ability to communicate natively to OPC DA, XML-DA or A&E servers.
  • Codeless development option with Live Data Binding
  • Customizable time-out settings

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