Release Notes


June 9, 2017 (OPCDataLogger.exe Assembly Version


    Fixed install issue on non-English Operating Systems where OPC Data Logger plug-ins might not load successfully.


June 5, 2017 (OPCDataLogger.exe Assembly Version


    Fixed issue where description Field is not Logged when using an UA Collector

    Fixed OPC Data Logger Memory Leak

    Fixed Duplicate Logging issue where OPC Data Logger logs data twice when trigger fires (Scheduler Trigger or Recurring Trigger).

    Improved error messages when using OPC UA Collectors when improper login credentials were provided for the connection authentication

    Fixed the item selection filters

    Improved Certificate Exchange Behavior when None Security Used

    Improved the OPC Data Logger exception reporting dialog to allow users to report errors directly to Software Toolbox Support

    Fixed Data Logger error handling when a device disconnected and we are using an OPC UA subscription

    Improved how we search for computers on the Network when opening Collector Properties

    Prompts the user to automatically modify the Firewall to open ports 8148/8080 locally as an option during Install

    Allows non-normalized values to be logged as null or 0


September 8, 2016 (OPCDataLogger.exe Assembly Version


    Fixed problem with initial configuration file on new installations not working correctly.



August 19, 2016 (OPCDataLogger.exe Assembly Version


    .NET 3.0 SP1 Framework Required for Installation despite newer .NET Framework being present

    OPC Data Logger Build Does not always install with the correct configuration files.



June 2, 2016 (OPCDataLogger.exe Assembly Version


    Fixed error handling issue with the OPC Data Logger SQL Logging interface

    Fixed issue when handling non-normalized floating point values


May 10, 2016 (OPCDataLogger.exe Assembly Version


    Updated Help File

    Updated to .NET Framework 4.0

    Updated Windows Scheduler version in order to improve performance in Windows 7 and newer operating systems.

    Updated event log to use the OPC Data Collector name instead of the OPC Server’s Prog ID

    Updated object naming changes in the OPC Data Logger UI Tree View

    Fixed: When using UA the OPC Data Logger creates one text file even through it is configured to log to two text files from separate projects.

    Fixed: Asynchronous Read Requests would not be sent when Verbose logging was enabled and the Data Logger group had more than 3000 tags.

    Fixed: Rare Crash when making changes to an existing Scheduled Trigger

    Added: Event log File Roll Over. Event log files are now automatically spanned and stored based on the number of events.

    Added: Windows 10 and Server 2012 R2 support


March 1, 2016 (OPCDataLogger.exe Assembly Version


    Fixed: OPC Data Logger RCW Error occurs and stops logging when “Service auto starts runtime” enabled.


September 22, 2015 (OPCDataLogger.exe Assembly Version


    Fixed: Triggers no longer create a separate client connection upon firing

    Fixed: Warning and Information events are no longer logged for trigger trace switches when the trace switch is set to Error – reduces memory usage.


June 11, 2015 (DataLogger.exe Assembly Version


    Change Async Read Timeout to be user configurable.


April 24, 2015 (DataLogger.exe Assembly Version


    Enhanced the Error messages for Add Items and ValidateItem for OPC lab testing.


April 17, 2015 (DataLogger.exe Assembly Version


    Fixed the issue of error injection in Subscription for OPC lab testing.



April 7, 2015 (DataLogger.exe Assembly Version


New Features:


    New option allows Boolean to be logged as 1/0 in text file logging

    If subscription reads fail due to a disconnected device error messages appear in the event log under Verbose Logging Mode

    Compatible on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

    Compatible on Windows Server 2012


Fixes (free upgrade for those on support)


    Fixed: DataLogger Build Unable to pen file built in build 3.5.0..47

    Fixed: Writeback Problem - Monitored Item Subscription can miss OnDataChange if PLC Writes bit back before OPC Server

    Fixed: DataLogger does not provide proper error notification when an OnWriteComplete is not received due to a writeback failing

    Fixed:  Configuring writebacks to be triggered by the monitored item, not by logging, resulted in a writeComplete ID Mismatch.

    Fixed: Service logging previous project with no warning to user when Auto-Load last config is false

    Fixed:  Missing OPC UA config file settings shows up only in Verbose mode

    Fixed: When using UA, datalogger logs twice when the monitored item fires

    Fixed: When using UA, Thread was being aborted in Job UA Async Write error message thrown on writeback

    Fixed: Improved handling of writeback thread startup monitoring on writebacks triggered off a database logging


February 5, 2015 (DataLogger.exe Assembly Version


New Features :


    Bug fixed where Data Logger could not be used as a UA client due to certificate issue.


    Upgraded the installshield


January 6, 2015 (DataLogger.exe Assembly Version


New Features :


    MonitoredItemScanRate and DataStorageRetryTime properties are added to both DataLogger.exe.config and DataLoggerService.exe.config files by default.


    User can modify this value as appropriate.


April 23,2014 (DataLogger.exe Assembly Version


    Fixed:WriteBack with Database fails first time because of time taken to create Writeback thread.


April 4,2014 (DataLogger.exe Assembly Version


    Fixed:Event log cannot exceed 32766 characters


October 25,2013  (DataLogger.exe Assembly Version


    Fixed: Float and Double logging with given format


October 07,2013  (DataLogger.exe Assembly Version


    Fixed: Added the re-subscription code to critical section because re-subscription of monitored triggers not re-subscribing.


February 15,2013 (DataLogger.exe Assembly Version


    Added Support for Accdb database file

    Fixed Sort option while adding items







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