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When the Silent Partner Wizard Library is installed in demonstration mode, the following restrictions apply.

If you already have a licensed version of the library (version 2.3 or older) and install the demo of Version 2.4, a demo version of the NEW AutoCad wizard will be installed. Your remaining Silent Partner Wizard library files will remain unaffected until you install a licensed version of Version 2.4 of the Silent Partner Wizard Library. The AutoCad Wizard is the major change in Version 2.4.

NOTE: This product is designed exclusively for use with the HMI/SCADA package Wonderware InTouch.  If you do not have that software product installed on your PC, this demo software is not for you as you will not be able to use it.


Demo Limitation

AutoCAD Wizard

Can only import the stock files that come with the wizard

Pipe Pieces

User can view the setup options but can't actually make any pipe pieces

Enhanced Drawing Tools

User can view the setup options but can't actually make any objects

PLC-5 Status Wizard

Can't connect to an I/O Server

Greenbar Paper

DEMO text watermark

Tank Wizard

Tank cannot be resized, animation settings cannot be changed, value display will always display DEMO, wizard cannot be broken into its component pieces.

Balloon Help

Forces the text to be "Balloon Help Wizard Demo"

Rotated Text

Forces the text to be "Rotated Text Wizard Demo"

Zoom Wizard

The first time you run it in demo mode, a message box pops up, telling you that you have 5 minutes (cumulative) of use before it stops working. This can be reset by restarting Windows.

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