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Siemens S7 PLCs Windows Programming Software Version 7

Price: US$925.00
Part Number for Ordering: 41278102
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Media: CD and/or Online Delivery

S7 for Windows provides an efficient and straightforward programming system for the entire Simatic« S7-300« and S7-400« PLC-control series. The complete S7-instruction set is implemented in the Statement List (STL), Function Block Diagram (SFC) and Ladder Diagram (LAD) presentations. This software can be combined with S5 for Windows« or runs stand alone.

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All online-functions are implemented. The new operational concept of version 6 has been developed on the basis of the newest cognitions in operator guidance. Block lists and symbolic tables for example can be arranged freely, they can be drawn in any order from the main window onto a second screen and can be faded out automatically from the main window, in order to gain more space on the screen. The presentation of the module parameters has been adjusted as well.

The S7 for Windows programming software is an excellent choice for the S5 user who wants to move to S7 PLCs and transition S5 PLC programs over to the S7. This item is also available bundled with the very popular S5 for Windows package.

Contents of this package

When you purchase this item you get the S7 for Windows package that provides the following programming options.

  • Statement List (STL)
  • Control System Flowchart (CFL)
  • Ladder Diagram (LAD)

This package does not include a cable. This software can use the standard Siemens programming cables for your PLC. If you have an existing programming cable that you used with Step 7 it will work with this package. If you do not have a cable simply ask your local Siemens distributor for the cable used to connect the programming port on your specific model of S7 PLC to a computer RS-232 port. You may also connect to your ethernet enabled S7 PLCs via ethernet connection.

The S7 for Windows package is also available bundled with the S5 for Windows package at a very attractive price. Click for bundle information.

With this package your investment in intellectual property and your programmer┤s experience with S5 PLC┤s, S5 PLC projects can be converted and transferred directly to the S7-300« and S7-400« PLC┤s. A smooth transition to a modern controller concept can be obtained by extending the capabilities of the popular S5 for Windows« Programming system. As a result, S5 for Windows«, which operates with the Step« 5 programming language, continues to be used as the basic programming system. With this concept it is now possible to have a common editor that understands both Step« 5 and Step« 7 syntax. This allows you to easily convert Step« 5 code into Step« 7 code and vice versa. Using this capability you can open S5 blocks with the S7 source code editor, even if all of the instructions cannot be directly converted (instructions not converted are marked in the block and allow you to manually edit those instructions).

Windows Platform Support

The user can select the Windows operating systems he or she prefers to use for programming. The software packages S7 for Windows« requires a 32-Bit Operating System and may be installed on

  • Windows XP (32/64 Bit)
  • Windows Vista (32/64 Bit)
  • Windows 7 (32/64 Bit)
  • Windows 8 (32/64 Bit)

Short Familiarization Period

This implementation of S7 for Windows« provides the programmer with the ability to take advantage of the benefits of using new hardware without being required to learn a new complicated programming system. For the programmer there is virtually no difference when writing a program for the Simatic« S5 or S7 PLC series, when using the Step« 5 instruction set. Of course, to use the full Step« 7 instruction set it is necessary to know the use of the new instructions. But even when using the full capability of all the new instructions, the look and feel of the programming software is very much the same when programming or testing an S5 or S7 PLC program.

S7 for Windows« Hardware Configuration

S7 for Windows« provides an integrated hardware configuration tool that allows the parametrizing of modules, the allocation of addresses and the configuration of a Profibus. By clicking on the module in the configuration, a dialogue opens, which allows to setup the module parameters. In the detail window of the module or CPU, executed changes are marked clearly, in order to avoid unintentional changes before saving.

Besides the original Siemens Profibus components, our hardware catalogue contains Profibus components from other man-ufacturers, which are compatible to Siemens. The hardware catalogue can be extended with files in GSD-format. The hardware configuration of existing Step«7 projects can be read and edited. Besides offline-creation of hardware configurations, it is also possible to read and edit existing configurations from a PLC. For quick debugging, module diagnostic functions are integrated. The hardware catalogue is updated constantly for the latest modules. These updates are freely available via internet.

Program test during online operations

With S7 for Windows« the entire S7-instruction set can be shown in the representation STL (Statement List) in status view. The status operation is also possible in the representations Function Block Diagram (SFC) and Ladder Diagram (LAD). Furthermore variable views and symbolic tables are integrated in the status window. All installed interfaces capable of connecting to a PLC are displayed in the online view.

Integrated S7-Simulation, BlockDiff and S7 Doctor

Version 6 contains S7-Simulation and the comfortable block comparison (BlockDiff). The functions of S7 Doctor for automated troubleshooting are integrated as well. The S7 Doctor allows a fully automated debugging in the running PLC program. Compared to the classical debugging the S7 Doctor performs all the tasks required during debugging and returns the reason for the stop in plain text. In contrast to conventional diagnostic tools a special adaptation of the PLC program is not necessary.

Other improvements

All Step«7-projects can be edited directly without import/export. Archived Step«7-projects can be opened directly. All write accesses on the PLC can be prevented with a password protection. Signals (operands) traceability is possible. Cross-reference over complete IO modules and hardware or module diagnostics is also possible. The print preview and the forcing of operands are implemented as well. The conversion from S5- to S7-programs has been optimized. Saving of complete S7-projects on a memory-card is also possible (CPU depending).

Online Delivery - For customers who wish to receive this product without waiting for a CD to ship, electronic delivery is available. Online delivery of the install set is instant and your serial numbers and PIN numbers for installation are delivered by email within 1 to 2 business days depending up on the time of day ordered. All documentation is included in a PDF file delivered with the product. If you want us to also ship you a CD and paper manuals, please choose the physical delivery option - you can still request electronic delivery. NOTE that if you do not choose physical delivery at the time of order but later request that we ship a CD and/or manuals, additional charges will apply.


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