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Advanced Tag Plug-In

Your machines may not deliver all the data you need for proper operations assessment. Variables such as Cycle Time, Maximum Temperature, Downtime Reason, etc. may not exist, yet are essential for operations analysis. For this reason, the TOP Server solution offers an option called Advanced Tags that can deliver a variety of analytics.

Advanced Tags deliver an array of mathematic and logical operators enabling the generation of new data, or the aggregation of existing data into information suitable for higher level archival and analysis. Through Advanced Tags, users can create valuable data for future analytics such as:

  • Measure the duration of operations
  • Totalize events
  • Perform averages over a group of sensors
  • Set trigger conditions for data acquisition
  • Combine machine conditions to generate an overall machine state
  • Link tags for Bridging added with Version 5.3

Advanced Tags are very similar to I/O Tags. Rather than defining I/O data source details, Advanced Tags enable you to create an expression, browsing from existing data tags, and combining them with Math and logic operators to generate a new result.

Note: Complex Tags are only available to Oracle MES and MOC Plug-in users. Complex tags can be configured but are not accessible from non-Oracle clients.

See the Advanced Tag Plug-In product page for more information.

Advanced Tag Plug-In Application Notes

Understanding and Using TOP Server Advanced Tags Plug-in 

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