Application Report Utility




Troubleshooting Essentials

The Application Report Utility provides an easy-to-use method of generating pertinent information for both your TOP Server and overall PC system when troubleshooting problems with your TOP Server.


Providing options for which information you wish to generate, the utility then allows you to save all of the information to a convenient file location.  The utility gathers such information as operating system, other installed software, registry entries and other vital information.  Whether users plan to use the generated information for their own troubleshooting purposes or submit the information to Software Toolbox for support, it is a useful alternative to compile this information separately.


NOTE:  All options for the data to generate are selected by default, which is recommended when submitting the files to Software Toolbox for support.

With Version 5.16 and newer, the Application Report Utility has been enhanced to allow dump file creation for any or all of the TOP Server related process, as well as options for how the utility should capture event log, OPC diagnostic and communication diagnostic data.  It is also now possible to include or exclude data storage archives for both EFM and Local Historian plug-ins, as well as collecting crash dump information.

These enhancements provide even more useful information to allow our technical support team to most effectively assist with troubleshooting any issues.  NOTE:  Users with V5 and V4 TOP Server installed side-by-side - Click here for important information




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