TOP Server Drivers List




Industry SuitesThese packages combine the most commonly used drivers for a variety of industries into a single bundle that is easy to install and offers a significant cost savings compared to individual purchases.

Manufacturing Suite50 of the most common PLC drivers in a bundle that costs less than 3 driver suites purchased separately. Our most popular offering.

Oil & Gas Suite – 14 drivers commonly used in upstream, downstream, and midstream applications

Power/Utilities Suite8 drivers for power generation, transmission, & distribution

IT/Infrastructure Suite8 drivers for IT/Data Center/Network Infrastructure Monitoring

Building Automation Suite – 7 drivers for facilities, hvac, power, & security monitoring applications


AB Bulletin 1609 UPS TOP Server OPC+IO Server MTConnect Client TOP Server
AB Bulletin 900 Controllers TOP Server OPC and I/O Server ODBC Client Driver for TOP Server
ABB Totalflow Serial TOP Server Oil and Gas TOP Server Suite
Advanced Tag Plug-in OMNI Flow Computer TOP Server
Allen-Bradley Suite TOP Server OPC-ControlLogix Family, PLC5/SLC/Micro Family Omron Communications Suite TOP Server
Alstom Redundant Ethernet TOP Server OPC Alarms & Events (OPC AE) TOP Server Plug-In
Analog Devices 6B TOP Server OPC Client Suite TOP Server OPC & I/O Server
Aromat Suite (serial+ethernet) TOP Server Optimation OptiLogic Top Server
Automation Direct (Koyo PLCs/PLC Direct) PLCs TOP Server Suite Opto22 Ethernet TOP Server OPC+IO Server
Automation Direct / PLC Direct / Koyo EBC Ethernet TOP Server ORACLE Connectivity Suite (MES & MOC)
BACnet OPC Server (TOP Server BACnet Ethernet Driver) Partlow ASCII Devices Serial TOP Server
Beckhoff TwinCAT TOP Server OPC+IO Server Philips PC8/PC20 TOP Server I/O Server
Bristol/IP TOP Server Power and Utilities Suite TOP Server
Building Automation Suite TOP Server Profibus and DeviceNet TOP Server OPC and I/O Server
BUSWARE Ethernet I/O TOP Server Red Prairie Logistics Systems Transaction Driver for TOP Server
Contrex/Fenner M Series TOP Server Sattbus Suite TOP Server OPC and I/O Server
Custom Interface (CID) TOP Server Scanivalve TOP Server OPC and I/O Server
Cutler-Hammer (Eaton) Suite TOP Server Scheduler Plug-In TOP Server
Danfoss AKC 55 Serial TOP Server Security Policies Plug-In TOP Server
DataForth IsoLynx TOP Server OPC and I/O Server Siemens S5/S7 Suite OPC+IO Server-PPI, Ethernet Master/Slave, AS511,3964 Driver
DDE Client Driver TOP Server OPC Server Simatic/TI 505 Suite TOP Server-Serial and Ethernet Drivers for TI5x5 PLCs
DNP 3 (Includes WITS & Secure DNP) Suite TOP Server - 10 Device License SIXNET UDR Driver and EtherTRAK™ IO TOP Server OPC Server
DNP 3 (Includes WITS & Secure DNP) Suite TOP Server - Unlimited Device License SNMP Agent TOP Server Plug-In
EFM Suite TOP Server SNMP Suite TOP Server OPC Server Suite - 1-15 Device License
Enron Modbus TOP Server SNMP Suite TOP Server OPC Server Suite - 16-50 Device License
Fanuc Focas (1 and 2) Ethernet for CNCs TOP Server I/O Server SNMP Suite TOP Server OPC Server Suite - Unlimited Device License
Fisher ROC Suite TOPServer - Unlimited Device License Square D Serial - Symax/PowerLogic TOP Server
Fuji Flex PLCs Serial Connection TOP Server System Monitor TOP Server OPC+IO Server
GE Fanuc TOP Server Suite Telemecanique Unitelway TOP Server
Honeywell Communications TOP Server Suite Thermo Westronics Serial+Ethernet TOP Server
IDEC Micro 1,3,FA2J,FA2,FA3S,ONC PLC’s TOP Server TIWAY TOP Server
IEC 60870-5 Master Suite TOP Server Torque Tool Ethernet Driver
IEC 61850 MMS Client TOP Server Toshiba PLCs Serial & Ethernet Suite
Intelligent Actuator SuperSEL TOP Server Toyopuc PC2/PC3 Suite TOP Server
InTouch Client Driver TOP Server (OPC to Wonderware InTouch Bridge) Triconex TSAA Ethernet TOP Server OPC and IO Server
IOTech Point Scan 100 Ethernet I/O TOP Server User Configurable Driver (UCON)
IT and Infrastructure Suite TOP Server Wago 750 Ethernet I/O Top Server
KraussMaffei MC4 Ethernet TOP Server OPC and IO Server Weatherford 8500 Serial TOP Server
Lufkin Modbus TOP Server WITS (Wellsite Information Transfer Specification) Suite TOP Server
Manufacturing Suite TOP Server Yaskawa MP Ethernet + MP Serial TOP Server
Mettler Toledo Serial TOP Server Yokogawa Controller Serial TOP Server OPC Server (Green Series)
Micro-DCI TOP Server OPC Server (Bailey, Fischer+Porter) Yokogawa TOP Server OPC Server Suite
Mitsubishi FX, Q, and A Series Top Server OPC+IO Server-Serial and Ethernet Yokogawa YS100 Serial TOP Server OPC and IO Server
Modbus Suite TOP Server  



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