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The TOP Server software supports the OPC Data Access (DA) Client and Server industry standards.  OPC Alarms & Events Server features are available for Version 5.1 or newer.  With Version 5.2 or newer, an OPC Unified Architecture server interface was added.  And OPC Unified Architecture Client Driver and OPC Alarms & Events Plug-in conditional tags are available as optional licensed features.  Also, with Versions 5.4 or newer, TOP Server includes support for OPC .NET 3.0 / XI.

And, with Versions 5.16 or newer, TOP Server provides an OPC Historical Data Access (HDA) interface when using the TOP Server Local Historian plug-in for low volume historical data storage up to 10,000 tags (requires at least one communication driver for data collection).

The primary usage of the TOP Server software is as an OPC DA Server, reading/writing data with devices using it’s wide list of device drivers and serving it up to HMI/SCADA/MES and other client applications that need device data access.

A less obvious but important OPC application of TOP Server is the optional OPC Client Driver Suite that provides the ability to connect TOP Server to other OPC DA, OPC UA and OPC XML-DA Servers and bring their data into TOP Server.  The benefit of doing this is that data from multiple sources is now available in one place, limitations found in some OPC servers can be overcome, and you can serve the data through TOP Servers’ HMI native interfaces such as Suitelink and Intellution PDB.

OPC Self Certified

OPC Lab Certified

OPC Certification and Testing Insures Reliable Connections

The TOP Server has been OPC Compliance tested in multiple ways.  At the highest level, because TOP Server is powered by Kepware’s technology, and Kepware has taken it’s OPC Server products to the OPC Foundation’s Independent Test Lab, TOP Server has been awarded the prestigious OPC Independent Test Lab Certification.  This certification remains current, for both OPC DA 2.05 and 3.0 interfaces as well as for the OPC UA interface - click here to see the official certificate.

Adding value to this, Software Toolbox has also tested TOP Server using the OPC Foundation’s self certification tool and at OPC Interoperability workshops since 2002 (Click here to see the workshop testing history).  Software Toolbox personnel attend the Interoperability Workshop each year to test and verify that the TOP Server works with all the OPC Client products made available at these events.

You can learn more about OPC by visiting our Technical Expertise Center and clicking on the OPC Technologies section.

About OPC – OPen Connectivity through Open Standards

OPC is a Client / Server technology. One application acts as the server providing data and another application acts as a client using data.


OPC is a widely accepted industrial communication standard that enables the exchange of data between multi-vendor devices and supervisory and control applications without any proprietary or “closed” restrictions. An OPC server can communicate data continuously among PLCs on the shop floor, RTUs in the field, HMI stations, DCS systems, and software applications on desktop or server PCs. Even when the hardware and software are from different vendors, OPC standards and compliance tested products make continuous real-time communication possible.

OPC has led to improved cooperation between technology providers and users alike. OPC has helped automation suppliers provide solutions that are truly open which in turn has given users more choices in their automation applications. This is an exciting time in the industry; interoperability, open solutions, and choices have helped automation professionals around the globe realize the advantages of incorporating OPC into their industrial applications.

Software products from OPC Foundation members offer a wide range of tools for people who prefer "off-the-shelf" products, to mid-level engineers who like the efficiency of building with a toolkit, to the developer who prefers to build the entire application



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