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TOP Server OPC Client Suite OPC & I/O Server

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OPC UA Client Driver Details

This driver is a member of the TOP Server OPC Client Suite.  When you download or purchase the OPC Client Suite, this driver is included along with all the TOP Server built-in features.  This driver can be used to aggregate data from a number of OPC UA Servers and made available to clients of the TOP Server through all supported interfaces, like OPC DA, OPC UA, SuiteLink, NIO/PDB and DDE. This provides the ability to connect to any OPC UA Server and connect your Wonderware, iFix or DDE Client through it’s native interface.

TOP Server OPC Certified

The TOP Server OPC UA Client Driver enables connectivity to local or remote OPC UA Servers from Software Toolbox or third parties. The OPC UA Client Driver has the ability to aggregate information collected from multiple OPC UA servers.  When coupled with the TOP Server OPC UA Server interface, customers will enjoy additional ease-of-use benefits through the TOP Server OPC UA Certificate Management application and tools which enable quick and easy installation and configuration.

Once available in TOP Server, data from UA Servers can be shared using TOP Server’s OPC DA, DDE or native interfaces such as Wonderware Suitelink and GE iFix PDB, providing OPC UA client connectivity today for InTouch, System Platform, iFix or any OPC DA or DDE Client applications on the market.

The OPC UA Client driver supports the OPC Unified Architecture specification, a new technology that expands upon OPC Data Access.  OPC UA communications, by pairing the TOP Server OPC UA Client Driver with a Remote TOP Server, is a powerful alternative for remote connectivity between Clients and Servers, offering a DCOM-free OPC UA tunnel solution.




Protocols Supported:

  • OPC UA V1.01 (Optimized Binary TCP)

OPC UA Client Driver Features:

  • Connect to TOP Server or Third Party OPC UA Servers
  • Integrate OPC UA Server information through the TOP Server Namespace
  • Translate OPC UA Server data to any supported TOP Server Client Interfaces
  • Remote OPC UA Server Discovery
  • OPC UA Endpoint Authorization via Security Certificates (x509)
  • OPC UA Security Configuration in Easy-to-Use Configuration Manager
  • User and Password Endpoint Authentication




Additional Features:

  • OPC UA Tunneling for OPC DA 1.0, 2.05a and 3.0
  • Remote OPC UA Server Tag Browsing
  • Automatic Tag Database Generation
  • OPC UA Server Connection Heartbeat and Keep Alive Settings
  • Publish Rate Control
  • Data Updates via Exception or Polling
  • Deadband Control (Percent or Absolute)
  • Works within the Corporate Network, WANs, over VPN and through Firewalls
  • Remote data access for OPC, Native Interfaces and DDE
  • Data Encryption via RSA Standards
  • Ability to set OPC UA Server Priorities
  • Endpoint Management on a Per Connection Basis
  • Keep Alive and Watchdog Features to ensure reliable connections
  • Two-dimension Array Support
  • Supports retrieving both server and source timestamps from the OPC UA Server and uses the source timestamp, whenever available.

OPC UA Client Driver Reference Material

OPC Unified Architechture (UA) Client Driver Help File - Download

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