Using TOP Server's Native
Connection to Wonderware Suitelink




Certified Partner Product - Wonderware by Schneider ElectricInvensys Wonderware® SuiteLink

Software Toolbox has provided Invensys Wonderware users, integrators, OEMs, and channel partners in over 100 countries with best-in-class connectivity solutions since 1996. Isn't it time you got connected to your Invensys Wonderware applications by putting TOP Server to work for you.

For full details on the resolved bug fix, please click here for the release notes.

TOP Server’s support of Invensys Wonderware’s SuiteLink and FastDDE protocols simplifies the task of connecting the server with Wonderware applications such as InTouch and System Platform.  Built-in support of these Client/Server technologies allows you to quickly access device data with out the need to use an intermediary software bridge as is done when using an OPC only communication server.  This feature lets you connect to the TOP Server the same way you would any native Wonderware I/O server. 

NOTE for SuiteLink/FastDDE users

  • TOP Server V5 must run in Interactive Mode if using FastDDE.  We suggest you use a SuiteLink connection instead.  TOP Server V5 can run as a service when using SuiteLink.
  • Wonderware will not be able to connect, when using FastDDE, to the TOP Server  when TOP Server is running as a Service.  If you must use FastDDE, and need TOP Server to run as a Service, please Download Version 4
  • The application name that must be used is server_runtime (not servermain) for both SuiteLink and FastDDE for V5.7 and prior.
  • Starting with V5.8, the SuiteLink Application Name is now configurable.
    • NOTE:  For users upgrading from TOP Server V4.x where V4.x and V5.x are not installed side-by-side, the application name can be changed to servermain to eliminate any changes being required in your Wonderware access names.

NOTE:  The FastDDE/Suitelink interface for TOP Server will only be installed if the following is true:

  1. The Wonderware software is installed locally or the Wonderware Common Components (or ArchestrA Framework) are already installed on the same machine prior to installing TOP Server.
  2. The “Wonderware Suitelink and FastDDE Interface” option must be selected from the Native Client Interfaces during TOP Server installation (see screenshot below).

If you have other applications that need to connect to your control system at the same time we recommend connecting your other applications through the TOP Server as well, so you can take advantage of it’s ability to optimize your control systems network communications to all your applications. 

The FastDDE/SuiteLink Settings can be found in the Project Properties as show below.  The Timing setting is how often the Wonderware clients are updated when values change and have no relation to how often a topic is updated.  Topic update rates are controlled through the Alias map. Click for an Application Note on Understanding how to change your scan rates to the PLC or device.



We provide detailed application notes for connecting with Wonderware InTouch, Historian, and System Platform (ArchestrA).  Also see the Topics/Alias Map pages to learn more about how to take advantage of the TOP Server’s advanced features for connectivity to Wonderware applications.

Wonderware Specific Application Notes

Using InTouch with TOP Server Version 5 via FastDDE and Suitelink Connections
Download (749 Kb)

Using InTouch with TOP Server Version 4 via FastDDE and Suitelink Connections
Download (749 Kb)

How to Connect TOP Server to System Platform Using SuiteLink - This paper shows how to create object in application server to make connections to the TOP Server. Download PDF (7587Kb)

Using TOP Server with System Platform Using OPC - This paper covers how to browse for OPC tags and import tags into System Platform using the CSV import.  Download (2903 kb)

Understanding TOP Server scan rate settings as the affect applications using Wonderware InTouch - this paper covers the device and client update scan rate settings available to optimize your system performance. 
Download (PDF - 266 kb)

How to Connect InSQL to the TOP Server - this paper covers the steps to configure InSQL to connect to the TOP Server along with troubleshooting tips.  Download Word Document (283 kb)

Click Here for more Application Notes




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