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 TOP Server OPC to InTouch Bridge

This TOP Server driver makes InTouch an OPC Server for OPC Clients, so you can get the data you need from InTouch into other systems or provide InTouch with the data it needs from other OPC Clients.  No other OPC Bridge for InTouch is as easy to use at such a low cost.  If you need this kind of connectivity there simply is no better choice then the TOP Server

 OPC Web Client

The OPC Web Client ActiveX lets you read and write data to OPC Servers using a web browser.  It's compatible with NT, 2000 and XP professional and all the major programming languages.  There simply isn't any easier way to put together a browser system for OPC Data then the OPC Web Client.

DRaX Dual Redundant ActiveX for Wonderware

The DRaX system is used to create redundant systems with Wonderware InTouch Projects.  The DRaX system monitors specific tags and changes the Nodes that InTouch point to in the case of communications errors or PC failure on the Master Node.  Configuration requires only 4 tags and a provided script in InTouch.  DRaX also allows to timing configuration, so switching from a Master to Standby Node occurs gracefully.

OPC Data Logger

The OPC Data Logger is a cost-effective yet powerful solution for collecting process data and logging it to text files, Access databases, or SQL server databases.
The OPC Data Logger is designed to be easy-to-use and flexible. The product is targeted at the kinds of applications where you don't need a full-blown historian and you don't want to write a custom application. As the customers who inspired this product said "we just need to easily log some OPC data".

  OPC Server Manager

The OPC Server Manager uses the special tags in the TOP Server to help automatically deal with networking and device communications faults and failures during runtime.  The Manager logs any communications changes and can even send e-mails to local accounts when communications problems happen or as configuration changes are made.  With the server manager you can utilize redundant PLC's, Networks and PC Network Interface Cards all during runtime and without scripting.

 OPC Time Monitor

The OPC Time Monitor software product helps you turn raw data from your PLCs and process controllers and turn it into valuable information to help you improve your manufacturing efficiency and profitability in a wide range of applications.
The OPC Time Monitor is unique because it can integrate with any system that utilizes the industry standard OPC interfaces and requires no programming or complicated setup. Plug in the OPC Time Monitor between your OPC Data Access Server and HMI/SCADA or Process Control System and start getting valuable process intelligence quickly.

Instrumentation ActiveX Controls

This package contains 48 powerful ActiveX Components for instrumentation-gauges, knobs, LEDs, instruments, trending, and many more.  These controls connect to your TOP Server without any code using their built-in OPC client capabilities. Why struggle with static, bit map-based gauges, switches, and other similar controls when you can enjoy the flexibility and reliability of controls designed for the needs of automation programmers. Components are designed to handle system color and font changes and are dynamically resizable to fit your form design needs.




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