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DCOM Tutorial

To get started with DCOM follow the links below for your operating system.

Please Note: Microsoft no longer updates or supports OS prior to Windows 7

DCOM Tutorial for Windows 98, NT and 2000

DCOM Tutorial for Windows Vista, XP, and Server 2003

DCOM Tutorial for Windows 7, 10 , Server 2008R2, and Server 2012

For a more in depth look at DCOM Configuration please refer to DCOM Background.

This is intended to be a general DCOM configuration tutorial for various Windows operating systems. Your particular settings may vary depending on whose OPC Server/Client you are running and how you intend to run your system. Software Toolbox is able to provide extensive assistance with settings for OPC Servers that are purchased from us. We are also able to provide limited assistance with OPC Servers that are not bought from us, provided you are using one of our client applications. If you are not using any of our products, then we are not able to provide free technical assistance.


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