Gadget Wizards for Wonderware
Fills & Panels



Gadget Button Fills and Panels include the following objects, samples of which are shown in the selection box at the right The selection box shown is how the wizards are selected from within Wonderware® InTouch.

  • Gadget Fills are perfect to give your tanks an extremely realistic look and feel. Gadget Fills are the perfect compliment to the tanks included with the Symbol Factory Wizard that comes with InTouch.
  • Gadget Panels provide realistic backgrounds for your displays as well as highly realistic frames for displaying data.

The following wizards are included in the Gadget Fills and Panels:

  • Fills - can fill up, down, left, right
    • Liquid - 9 different types
    • Material - 11 different types
    • LED Bar Graph
    • Fluorescent Bar Graph
    • Signal Strength Meter
    • Fill Bar
    • Progress Bar
  • Panels
    • LED Frame with & w/o Legend Area
    • LCD Frame with & w/o Legend Area
    • Metal Plate
    • Hinged Panel
    • White Legend Plate 1 & 2
    • Industrial Legend Plate
    • Black Plastic Panel
    • Midnight Plastic Panel
    • Gray Plastic Panel
    • Generic Meter Faces 1 & 2
    • Gradient Panel
    • Metal textures - 6 different types
    • OSHA panel
    • Recessed Frame

When placed on a window in WindowMaker, double clicking on a Gadget Fill or Panel Wizard will display the setup pages shown at the right.

Fills Wizards Setup

Double clicking in the Expression field brings up the standard InTouch tag dictionary selection page. Typing in a new InTouch tag name and pressing Enter brings up the InTouch Tag Definition screen like any other InTouch wizard.

The fill’s appearance can be adjusted in a variety of ways using the Wizard setup page shown at the right:

  • Min & Max Value
  • Fill material type
  • Fill color - key - want grey pepples instead of brown, yellow liquid instead of blue, just change the color!
  • Fill background color
  • Fill Direction
  • Fill Frame
  • LED Bar graph - # of red & # of green LEDs

Standard InTouch Animations can be applied by clicking the buttons in the Animation area of the Wizard setup page shown here.

Panel Wizards Setup

Panel Wizards provide parts that can be used as backgrounds for your displays, to create special objects of your own, and more. 

The different LED Frames are perfect to put on a Window and place animated text on top of to display a value.

The nameplates are perfect to give an industrial feel to titles and captions

Use the metallic textures to give surfaces a realistic look.




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