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With the IBH OPC Server a Visualization application can be linked with one or more Simatic® PLC S5, S7-200, S7300, S7-400, S7-1200 or an IBHsoftec SoftPLC.  Access to the variables of a PLC Control via OPC. The symbolic addressing used within the PLC program and the Data Blocks can directly be used within the HMI.  With a few mouse clicks all or only the desired variables from the PLC can be selected. The following file formats are supported: S5 for Windows®,  S7 for Windows®, STEP®5 and STEP®7.

The communication between the IBH OPC Server and the Siemens PLCs can be established via:

  • S5-AS511
  • S5-TCP/IP
  • S5 via IBH Link S5++
  • IBH-S5-SoftPLC
  • IBH-S5-CX945
  • S7-300/400 via Profibus/MPI using a PC Adaptor ( serial / USB )
  • S7-200 via PPI using a PC Adaptor (serial / USB)
  • S7-200/300/400 via IBH Link
  • S7-200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200 using S7-TCP/IP via Ethernet
  • IBH-S7-SoftPLC
  • IBH-S7-CX315
  • IBH-S7-CX317
  • IBH-S7-CX416
  • IBH-S7-PCI315
  • The STEP®7-Online Interface (SIMATIC NET) can also be used
  • With an free driver it is possible to communicate via S5-H1 and S7-H1
  • Routing functions to PLCs in subnets are also supported.

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