S7 SoftPLC's


S7 SoftPLC PLC S7-315 / PLC S7-416

The SoftPLC PLC S7-315 / PLC S7-416 executes a program in the same manner as a hardware PLC. The advantage of executing a PLC program this way is, that the PLC status can be displayed in real time. Since the Soft PLC behaves like a original SIMATIC® PLC, the programming tools S7 for Windows® and STEP®7 can be used. Online connections can be established serial, via Ethernet, via PROFIBUS DP and directly on the same PC. Even for project engineering and diagnostics of the PROFIBUS DP S7 for Windows® or the original STEP®7 tool can be used. The program of a S7-PLC or a Siemens Win AC® SoftPLC including PROFIBUS DP configuration can be transferred to the SoftPLC PLC S7-315 / PLC S7-416.

SoftPLC I/Os
The SoftPLC can access standard I/O boards as well as numerous intelligent hardware boards available to control bus systems widely used in the industry.

Also a driver for Modbus TCP is included. Modbus TCP is used by companies like Wago and Phoenix Contact.

I/O Monitor
Signal state watching and modification of the I/Os is simplified by the integrated IO monitor.

Online - Functions
Direct Online Access with S7 for Windows® or STEP®7
Data exchange with the SoftPLC can be established with S7 for Windows® or Siemens STEP®7.
If the programming system is installed on the same PC, the SoftPLC can be reached directly. The necessary drivers are included.

Access with S7 for Windows® or STEP®7 via Serial port
Alternatively data exchange can be established via serial interface using a zero-modem cable.

Access with S7 for Windows® or STEP®7 via TCP/IP
Further it is possible to access the SoftPLC via TCP/IP Ethernet using the IBHNet driver.

Access with STEP®7 using Siemens ISO on TCP (RFC1006) protocol
Online functions are also possible using the Siemens ISO on TCP (RFC1006) protocol.

Access with S7 for Windows® or STEP®7 via PROFIBUS DP
If a Hilscher CIF30/50/60 PROFIBUS card is used, the SoftPLC can be programmed or reached from an operator panel via the connected PROFIBUS, if the drivers are correctly configured.

Additional Functions
The PC environment offers additional functions, which go beyond the usual S7 instructions.
So own functions blocks, programmed in C++  can be integrated. This gives the possibility to program hardware drivers for customized I/O without large development.



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