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Need a gadget that isn’t already in the Gadgets Pro library already? Submit a free support case on our support website and tell us more about what you’re looking for.   The kind of input we need includes:

  • Generally what should the object look like - photos, drawings, anything to give us a feel for what it is.  If there is a standard object in our Symbol Factory library that you’ve seen then tell us the object name and category. 
  • Describe what kinds of visual appearance changes you would want to see
  • What kinds of inputs would you want to pass to the object ? Digital ? Float ? String ? Integer ?
  • Tell us how you plan to use the object

One of our engineers will evaluate your request, get back with you if they have questions, and then provide an estimate on the time and cost to create “your gadget”.  It may turn out that what you want is something we are already planning to do, and if so we’ll tell you when it will be available and the estimated cost.

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