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Industrial Gadgets ActiveX Control

How It Works

The Industrial Gadgets Pro were made with ease-of-use in mind.  The example shown here applies for ALL gadgets in the Pro Gadgets product.  Simply insert the ActiveX control into your application and bring up the properties page shown below.  All of your licensed gadgets are shown in a simple intuitive tree view.


Pick your gadget


Once you select an object, our intuitive property pages let you configure the object’s behaviors, as shown here for a motor object.  You also learn here which external properties you would use to change the object’s appearance from your HMI.  For example - to tell this tanak what the current level is, take the data from your PLC, DCS, or control system that represents the level, and pass it to the Float01 property.

Configure It’s Appearance


Connect to your Process Tag

Since these objects are standard ActiveX controls, using them with your HMI is simple.  Here we’re binding a tag in RSView32 to the Float01 ActiveX property.  If you are a VB or VB.NET user, you would simply take the data you obtain from your data source and pass it to the Float01 property.


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