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The Professional Gadgets members of the Industrial Gadgets ActiveX product are built with the intent of saving significant effort in the implementation of common operator interface elements while keeping the demands of performance and ease-of-use in mind.

  • We’ve built into the objects the intelligence for a variety of animations so all you do is pass the process data to us and we take care of it from there.  You have the flexiblity to configure through point-and-click user interfaces how the behaviors work.
  • Color changes for commanded vs. feedback state
  • Different appearances for different analog or digital values
  • Where appropriate, moving portions of an object
  • Alarm conditions and acknowledgement - color changes and blinking
  • Manual/Auto and other control mode indications
  • Value/state numeric/text display

    By exposing as a property everything that you would want to configure from your HMI application, we make it easy to use for the user of commercial HMI software or for developers.  If your HMI supports binding of tag data in the HMI to ActiveX properties, solutions that involve no scripting and no code are possible.
  • What you get when you buy the Pro Gadgets:

Example Pro Gadgets
Wide variety available


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