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Gadget Switches include the following two and 3 position switch objects, samples of which are shown at the bottom of this page.  With 28 switch types that can be setup in multiple colors and styles and 2 different action types there are over 100 different switches  possible!

2 Position Switch Types

  • 2 Position Selector Switch on Legend Plate
  • 2 Position Selector Switch
  • Standard Toggle 1
  • Standard Toggle 2
  • Standard Toggle 3
  • Rounded Rocker
  • Basic Rocker
  • Mini Rocker
  • LED Rocker
  • LED Rocker with Legend
  • Silver Rocker
  • Beefy Toggle
  • White Slider Switch 1
  • White Slider Switch 2
  • White Slider Switch 3
  • Smooth Slider Switch
  • Slider Switch with Legend
  • Gray Slider Switch 1
  • Gray Slider Switch 2
  • Gray Slider Switch 3
  • Gray Slider Switch 3 with Legend
  • Slider Switch
  • 2 position keyswitch on Legend Plate
  • 2 position keyswitch
  • T-Bar Switch
  • Paddle Switch 1
  • Paddle Switch 2
  • Beefy Togle
  • Gray Toggle
  • Mini Gray Toggle
  • Mini Silver Toggle

All Switches can be set for maintained or spring return mode.  In Spring return mode, the switch modes to on when the mouse button is down, and back to off when the mouse button is released.

Switches can be disabled from user input using the .Enabled property.

Separate properties are provided for the Hand and Auto positions of the switch. Users can control whether or not the switch position must go through the “Off” position first as it moves from Hand to Auto and back.




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