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AnalogValve_lgThe Valves section in the Pro Gadgets contains a variety of analog and digital valves with a wide range of animations.  Just to make a single one of the Analog Process Valves shown at the right, with the same level of animation, could take an entire day if you dind’t have the Pro Gadgets.  You get everything shown below in a ready to use tool:

Features found in the valves:

  • Variety of valve appearances, from simple to detailed, analog and discrete acting.
  • Actuator enable/disable indication
  • Forward or reverse acting
  • Left to right or right to left flow
  • User configurable flow texture + color
  • 7 Alarm levels - LoLoLo all the way through HiHiHi
  • Critical Alarm Level that takes priority over all other alarms
  • Configurable color, blinking and blink speeds for each alarm state
  • Digital valve has 0, 1, or 2 limit switches for feedback - user configurable mapping of limit switch state to valve position
  • Digital valve clearly shows when valve is in indeterminate state.

    Valve Design Options Screens - Click Screenshots Below to View Full Size

    Analog Valve Setup Sample

    Digital Valve Setup Sample



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