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Gadget Buttons include the following illuminated and non-illuminated button objects, samples of which are shown at the bottom of this page. With 14 pushbutton types that can be setup in up to 3 different colors and 7 different action styles there are 294 different pushbuttons possible!

Button Types

  • Industrial Button on Legend Plate
  • Mushroom Button on Legend Plate
  • Stop Button on Legend Plate
  • Industrial Button
  • Mushroom Button
  • Large Stop Button
  • Small Stop Button
  • Large Plastic Button
  • Medium Plastic Button
  • Small Plastic Button
  • Square Plastic Button
  • Fire Button
  • Ribbed Button 1
  • Ribbed Button 2

Illuminated Button Types

  • Illuminated Rectangular Pushbutton
  • Illuminated Pushbutton on Legend Plate
  • Illuminated Round Pushbutton
  • Candy Button
  • Metallic Button with LED
  • Large Plastic Button with LED
  • Medium Plastic Button with LED
  • Small Plastic Button with LED
  • Plastic Button with LED

Button Action Styles

  • Momentary - turns tag on when pressed, off when released
  • Reverse Momentary - turns tag off when pressed, on when released
  • Toggle - toggles current tag value
  • Reset - always writes false to the value property
  • Set - always writes a true to the value property
  • Latching - on until pressed, when pressed, turns off - when pressed again, turns back on.
  • Reverse Latching - off until pressed, when pressed - turns on - when pressed again, turns back off

Each button's color can be set using the Style selection to a predefined set of choices that have been carefully chosen to match common industrial controls found on control panels.

On the illuminated buttons, users can configure the lamp and pushbutton to be controlled by independent tags or the same tag.

Buttons can be disabled for user input by using the .Enabled property.







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