Industrial Gadgets .NET - Upgrading
from Industrial Gadgets ActiveX



Upgrading Industrial Gadgets ActiveX Projects

Industrial Gadgets .NET is not an upgrade to the Industrial Gadgets ActiveX control. Any of your old projects will not automatically upgrade from using the ActiveX control.  This is simply the nature of moving from ActiveX to .NET technologies.

However, it is perfectly acceptable to have both the .NET and ActiveX controls on the same Visual Studio project. So, to "upgrade" your ActiveX version, do the following:

1. Place the Industrial Gadgets .NET components into your toolbox (this should have already been done for you by the installation program if you choose for it to do so. If not, then follow these directions.).

2. For every control you have, place a new Industrial Gadgets .NET control next to it. Set the properties exactly as you did for the ActiveX version.

Also note: For each piece of code that you wrote which referenced the older ActiveX controls, you will now need to change the object from the ActiveX Control to the .NET Control. For example, suppose you had this line from the code for the ActiveX:

IndustrialGadgetsMeter.IntegerValue = 50

The Industrial Gadgets .NET component "netMeterCtrl1" replaced it, so the new line of code will be:

netMeterCtrl1.IntegerValue = 50



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