Connectivity with OmniServer

OmniServer supports a variety of physical device connectivity options and a large number of information exchange methods for client connectivity.  OmniServer connectivity is going to consist of two different areas:


  1. Connectivity to the device you wish to acquire data from.
  2. Connectivity with the application that wants to acquire the data from that device.


How does OmniServer communicate with my devices?


OmniServer can communicate with any device connected to the computer using one of the following:


  • Serial Connectivity:
    •  RS-232
    •  RS-422
    •  RS-485
    •  USB Devices (mapped to Virtual COM Ports)
  • Ethernet:
    • TCP/IP
    •  UDP
    •  TELNET
    •  Serial/Ethernet Converters or Device Servers
  • LPT (Printer Port)


Is there a limit to the number of devices?


OmniServer can support all the above mentioned devices simultaneously, so there is never a problem with mixing or matching devices. Up to a combination of 2048 devices, topics, clients (Professional Version) and protocols can run at one time (although you are limited by the resources available on the computer with respect to performance).


Can I talk to more than one different type of device? For example, can I talk to a weigh scale, a barcode reader, and a PLC, all at the same time?


Yes. Other than the physical limits mentioned above, there is no limit to the different types of devices  to which you may talk at any one time with OmniServer.


How do I get the data from OmniServer to my application?


The client information exchange options available with OmniServer are dependent on which edition of OmniServer you have a license for.


OmniServer Server Edition and the OmniServer Professional Edition both support the following transports:


  • OPC UA (OPC UA Lab Certified)
  • OPC Data Access 2.x (OPC DA Lab Certified)
  • Advanced DDE
  • Packed DDE
  • WonderWare's Suitelink




OmniServer Professional Edition includes support for the same transports as Server Edition, as well as the following Client Wedges:


  • Keyboard Wedge - pushes OmniServer data into any application as keystrokes
  • Database Wedge - pushes OmniServer data into ODBC Compliant Databases
  • Email Wedge - transmits Email/SMS notifications based on OmniServer data
  •  File Wedge - pushes data into a text file


OmniWedge Edition supports the Keyboard Wedge where data can be sent from the your device directly to any Windows program that can support keystrokes.


Can I use all the client transports listed above at the same time, as I can with the devices?


As with the devices,  OmniServer can support all the client transports listed above simultaneously, so you can have more than one client access OmniServer without any problems.


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