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OPC Time Monitor


What Can OPC Time Monitor Do for You ?

The number of potential applications for the OPC Time Monitor is wide and varied.  On this page we have provided a list of common applications to help you think about how the OPC Time Monitor can help you in your process improvement efforts

Machine Utilization, Uptime & Asset Management

Everyone knows that capital equipment is a big investment and wants to get the most out of it.  The control systems that run your machines know whether the machine is running or not and a lot more about the condition and operating conditions - all valuable information if presented properly. 

OPC Time Monitor, without programming, helps you to aggregate and summarize information about machine operating states and conditions and present it to any application of your choice for logging, presentation, reporting, and management. The data provided by OPC Time Monitor can then be fed into your favorite HMI/SCADA, Maintenance Management, or Asset Management application using the open OPC DA standard.

Information possible includes:

  • Machine Uptime and/or Downtime (total, max, and average times using the condition aggregates)
  • Machine setup times (total, max single setup, average setup using the condition aggregates)
  • Setup counts (i.e. # of setups) (using CycleCount aggregate)
  • Part Production Counts (using CycleCount aggregate)
  • Time spent making different product types - setup monitoring items - one per product type - that monitor an OPC item that specifies the current part being made - OPC Time Monitor, with its aggregates, can then easily generate for you the Total, Max, and Average time spent making each part type using it’s condition aggregates)

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