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OPC Time Monitor

Product Details

Why You Need the OPC Time Monitor ?

  1. Improved production effectiveness & profitability - with the process intelligence data provided by the OPC Time Monitor to your HMI/SCADA or Process Control System you can make better, more informed decisions about your manufacturing process and take actions to improve it.  Because the OPC Time Monitor is online, all the time, providing its intelligence to your systems, it can become part of your closed-loop system of manufacturing improvement.
  2. Engineering Time & Cost Savings - by calculating for you key process information.  No more calculating cycle times in the PLC or doing custom scripting in your HMI to come up with aggregate data points.  OPC Time Monitor reduces the amount of PLC ladder you have to write and the amount of custom HMI scripting.
  3. Simplifies your systems -simplify tagnames in your client systems, consolidate OPC server connections, and  gather valuable derived process data without custom scripting and/or code in the PLC.Use an off-the-shelf  solution  versus custom code. Make information available to any OPC application and simplify system architecture. The result  saves you you time and money in  maintenance and support over the lifetime of your automation application
  4. Improve System Performance - with the server consolidation/funneling capabilities of the OPC Time Monitor, you  can insure that OPC client  applications don't overload your control networks with data requests  that are faster than you know the network can handle

Who Can Benefit From the OPC Time Monitor ?

  • System Integrators
  • Machinery OEMs
  • End-User Manufacturing Facilities
  • Corporate Engineering Teams
  • OPC Client application vendors
  • ERP/MRP application vendors
  • Quality application vendors
  • Asset Management application vendors

Key Features

  • OPC Time Monitor Provides your HMI/SCADA/MES/ERP System with
    • Cycle counts
    • # of times in/out of compliance limit
    • Average time in and out of compliance limit
    • Max time in and out of compliance limit
    • Total time in and out of compliance limit
  • Generate exceptions to advise your Process Control System or HMI/SCADA system of problems
  • NEW! - Can be used to “filter” what tags are available to other OPC Clients and control the update rate requested from OPC Servers or as a Server Consolidator
  • No programming required, simple setup
  • No scripting or special setups needed in your HMI or process control system
  • Runs on Windows NT, 2000, XP
  • OPC Data Access Compliance & Interoperability Tested
  • Connect to any number of OPC Servers simultaneously for data input into the OPC Time Monitor application

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