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Tool & Die Utilization

Do you have problems with wasted tooling because tools are changed after some arbitrary number of uses that may not reflect actual runtime ? Or are tools to be changed every 100 usages but in reality get changed early “just because its convenient and no one is really counting cycles”?  Are there conditions that you know dramatically reduce tool lifetime ? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to automatically know if those conditions have existed, how many times, and for how long ?

The OPC Time Monitor can save you money by making it easy for you to monitor actual usage times and cycle counts and display them for operators in the machine user interface or provide events/data to your maintenance management applications.

You could setup key values available from the machine controller that tell whether or not the machine is running, machine speed, temperature, etc and the OPC Time Monitor will then provide information about

  • Number of machine cycles (using the CycleCount aggregate)
  • Total machine operating time (using the TotalClientTime or TotalServerTime aggregates)
  • Maximum single time running (using the MaxClientTime or MaxServerTime aggregates)
  • Average time running (using the AverageClientTime or AverageServerTime aggregates)
  • Number of times machine exceeded certain operating parameters are known to cause shortened tool life (using the CycleCount aggregate and any of the Time aggregates)

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