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Enhanced Drawing Tools, One of the 8 Wizards

Silent Partner Wizard Library
Version 2.4

AutoCAD Import Wizard Supports DWG files (details)

InTouch 7.0, 7.11, 8.0 & 9.0 Supported

Works with
Windows XP & Windows 2003

The Silent Partner Wizard Library provides 8 different Wizards for your Wonderware Intouch Development systems that add functionality to your development environment, save you engineering time, and improve the operational effectiveness of your InTouch displays. 

Did you know you can do all these things with InTouch if you have the Silent Partner Wizard Library ?

  • Distribute InTouch Applications built with the Silent Partner Wizard Library runtime free
  • Import CAD drawings as animatable native InTouch objects
    • Facilities Layouts
    • Machinery Drawings
    • Electrical Drawings
  • Zoom in on any part of your InTouch window during development
  • Add tool-tip text to objects or portions of drawings
  • Draw arcs, ellipses, chords, elliptical arcs, pie pieces, n-sided polygons, transparent circles and ellipses, and much more
  • Draw curved or angled pipes or conveyor pieces of any size, angle, color
  • Draw text at any angle
  • Create a 3-D cylindrical tank with legend in the tank in seconds
  • Know exactly where the mouse is on the screen at any time via InTouch tags
  • Display AB PLC-5 Status File information intuitive format using any I/O Server
  • And many more applications ....


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