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The AutoCAD Import Wizard is by far the most popular Wizard in the Silent Partner Wizard Library and is a major part of the upgrade from older versions of the Silent Partner Wizard Library.

  • Facilities Layouts
  • Machinery Drawings
  • Electrical Drawings
  • Troubleshooting Diagrams
  • Maintenance Help Systems
  • Operations Guides
The AutoCAD Import Wizard converts CAD files in DWG and DXF format into individual native Wonderware InTouch objects , which can then be edited or animated within WindowMaker. Yes that's right, you can animate the objects you import as if you drew them using InTouch drawing tools.

The AutoCAD Import Wizard appears in the InTouch Wizards selection dialog like any other Wizards you have installed on your computer. Below we'll walk you through importing a drawing. For full details on all the various options, please see the product help file installed with the free demo.

Place the AutoCAD Import Wizard on your InTouch screen. You should now see a rectangular blueprint on your screen.

Stretch the blueprint to the desired size of the drawing.

Double-click the blueprint to bring up the main dialog box shown below:
Click the "Import CAD File..." button and select a CAD file

When the "Import Options" dialog box appears, you make any desired changes, choose advanced options, and then click the "OK" button.

And here is a sample ladder diagram drawing imported into InTouch. CAD drawings are imported as native InTouch objects grouped into an InTouch Cell.  Grouping of objects can be done as one large cell or one cell per layer based on the Advanced Options dialog.  If you right click on the drawing you can break the cell, rubber band around a group of objects, make them into a Symbol, then animate that Symbol as a single InTouch object. For example, you could in seconds animate the contact on the drawing imported here. See the product help file in the free demo for a full example.

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