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The Enhanced Drawing Tools Wizard adds many new tools to the WindowMaker toolbox, such as arcs, chords, donuts, elliptical arcs, pies, regular polygons, rotated ellipses, see-thru circles, see-thru ellipses, and many other shapes. All shapes created with this wizard can be animated without breaking them first.

The wizard settings dialog is shown at the right. Clicking on the Animation button displays the available InTouch animations for a particular object.


All rotations are referenced to the Compass shown in the Wizard settings dialog. Use this tool to help you determine the angle value to enter for making various objects.

Expert Mode

Expert Mode gives the user complete control of all the parameters used to create these new shapes. In fact, many other shapes, other than those listed above, can be created while in Expert Mode.
All of the individual shapes listed above can be made in Expert Mode. For example, to see the expert mode settings used to create a Regular Polygon, select the Regular Polygon tool, then switch directly to Expert Mode.

To learn more about the Enhanced Drawing Tools, download the free demo for more details in the product help file.

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