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Software Toolbox offers many other InTouch compatible products that can help save you time and money. This page provides links to obtain more information about our other InTouch Compatible products.

TOP Server I/O Servers
More Than a Driver, A Total Connectivity Solution

  • Over 60 different drivers that have more features, more functionality, and capability than other solutions for InTouch Connectivity.
  • Fastest, most stable, easiest-to-use InTouch to AB ControlLogix available with a large InTouch installed base.
  • Direct Suitelink connections to InTouch - no OPC Link needed.
  • Automatic Tag Database creation for a variety of PLCs.

Gadget Wizards for Wonderware InTouch
Photo-realistic controls you have to see!

Gadget Wizards for Wonderware is a collection of nearly 100 unique objects that plug into the InTouch WindowMaker development environment as standard InTouch Wizards ready to animate with InTouch tags. Effectively you get more than 100 objects because many of the objects support a number of color or fill styles that make each single object actually be able to function as many more objects. Objects are grouped into the following categories:

  • Buttons
  • Sliders
  • Meters
  • Lights
  • Fills
  • Panels
  • Switches



This product is available bundled with Silent Partner Wizard Library - see ordering page for details.

Silent Partner Runtime System

The Silent Partner Runtime System is a collection of utilities for use with Wonderware InTouch WindowViewer to add functionality for the operator.

  • Text & Bitmap superboxes - display any text or bitmap file on demand. Text boxes are editable and contents can be saved back to disk
  • DXF File Viewer
  • PLC Data Monitor
  • Special script functions

Alarm Blaster

The Alarm Blaster is an add-on for InTouch that greatly simplifies and enhances the playing of sound files in response to alarms and events, even playing sequential alarm sounds back to back, automatically wiht no scripting.

The Alarm Blaster takes care of all the nitty-gritty details of playing concurrent wave files one after another, with no scripting required, and also includes silencing features. Example: You can create a small configuration file that matches wave files with InTouch tags.

    Tank1HiLevel, T1HIGH.WAV
    Tank2LoLevel, T2LOW.WAV
    EastDoorSwitch, EDOOR.WAV





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