Slik-DAC-Single Seat License

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This item has been replaced with the OPC Data Client, click the link below for the OPC Data Client website.

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SLIK-DAC is an ActiveX and Windows Form Control. SLIK-DAC implements the same object model as defined by the OPC Foundationīs Data Access Automation Interface standard. So you have the convenience of a familiar programming model, but with your choice of programming language.

You write your application to use SLIK-DACīs properties, methods, and events. SLIK-DAC manages all the OPC and COM details for you. Benefits of using the SLIK-DAC Control: Cut time from your project schedule - SLIK-DAC will be familiar to programmers working with the OPC Foundationīs automation wrapper. Now program in C# or VB.NET using a familiar object model. Manage software maintenance costs - Update your client to the latest version of the OPC specification by updating your toolkit. Our OPC experts take care of the OPC details. An affordable software maintenance program is available. Reduce support and integration costs for your server - SLIK-DAC provides full support for COM Call Tracing, a built-in OPC protocol analyzer solution. Quickly diagnose OPC client / server communication problems. Add OPC security - SLIK-DAC now provides an easy-to-use set of methods to logon and logoff any OPC server supporting the OPC Private Security Interface. Read more about support for OPC security. Rely on OPC Expert support - Software Toolbox has provided OPC client and server technical support for over 10 years to a wide variety of companies, including some of the biggest in the world. Get our OPC experts and our toolkit behind your next client implementation.


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