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Equipment Effectiveness Suite

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Software Toolbox can now supply you with the equipment effectiveness monitoring software to reduce costs and operate equipment more effectively, both now and in the future. Typically, a company using the Equipment Effectiveness Suite will experience productivity benefits of 5 - 30% - and a corresponding improvement in its bottom line.

Machine Up, Down - Why?

With the Equipment Effectiveness Suite installed and monitoring your machine or line, you´ll be able to have the answer in an instant and might even know the instant you receive an email telling you the system is not running! With the Equipment Effectivness Suite, your business can benefit in many different ways. Click to learn more from our videos

  • Increased productivity and profits
      First and foremost, Equipment Effectiveness Suite gives you the efficiency monitoring tools to reduce costs and to operate equipment more effectively, both now and in the future. Typically, a company using the Equipment Effectiveness Suite productivity monitoring system will experience productivity benefits of 5 - 30% - and a corresponding improvement in its bottom line.
  • Accurate, impartial data – and the ability to act on it
      The Equipment Effectiveness Suite delivers accurate, up-to-date and impartial data on production performance, together with the tailored reports you need. We can also quickly train your staff to interpret and act on this data. Not only can you tackle losses, but you can continuously improve the effectiveness of your production equipment.
  • Minimal cost of entry
      The Equipment Effectiveness Suite generates a return on investment quickly. For a minimal investment it can be hooked up to one machine, usually within a day, and then rolled out once the benefits are clear. Even better, we offer a free 30 day evaluation – so you can try it out at no cost.
  • Easy to use
      Configuration is very straightforward to understand and modify to your efficiency monitoring requirements. You’ll soon find it becomes easy to analyze the data and apply it to your needs, continually improving your processes.
  • Increases motivation
      Real-time metrics shown on a live display is an excellent tool for motivating staff to exceed targets.
  • Easy access to operational metrics
      You’ll enjoy easy access to operational performance metrics through a range of views and reports. Even more conveniently, you can receive scheduled reports by email, within minutes of a shift ending.
  • Impartial data
      All staff are presented with the same impartial data. This encourages an open discussion on the real reasons behind productivity problems, rather than an argument as to the validity of the data.
  • Trend analysis
      Several years of historical data can be stored in the OEE database, and you can generate before/after analyses for changes in the process, materials and so on, making comparisons easy.
  • Parameter comparison
      Process engineers can use the Equipment Effectiveness Suite to highlight the operational performance variances between periods, such as day shifts and night shifts, and objects, such as different parts or machines. This makes it simple to assess the worst and best performing machines and processes.
  • Innovation support
      Because you can identify and quantify the real causes of loss, the Equipment Effectiveness Suite gives you the tools to establish the business case for upgrading worn out or badly engineered equipment, or for improving processes.
  • Improved long-term strategic positioning
      The current downturn won’t last forever. By using the Equipment Effectiveness Suite to tackle your fixed costs now, you can survive reduced demand and tighter margins your business may be experiencing. And once the economy picks up, you’ll be far better placed than your competitors to take advantage.
  • Language/dictionary flexibility
      Each aspect of the software is fully translatable into any language, should you require it – please contact us with your requirements. In addition, each expression used is configurable by the end user – so you can use whichever terms apply to your business.
  • Full security
      The Equipment Effectiveness Suite is password protected. In addition, you can customize user access levels, allowing only approved end users to access or modify chosen areas.


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