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LGH File Inspector for Wonderware InTouch,Single Workstation License

Price: US$1,164.15
Part Number for Ordering: 41302102-N
Availability: In Stock - Ships in 0 to 1 days.
Media: CD and/or Online Delivery
Includes: License to use the server and drivers in this suite on a single computer with no artificial limits on number of devices, tags, or connected client applications (unless stated otherwise in the item name and description) 1 Year of Support & Maintenance included.

Export InTouch LGH file data to Excel or CSV. LGH File Inspector for Wonderware InTouch enables rapid and easy access to local historical data logged by Wonderware InTouch HMI and SCADA applications. This license is for a single Workstation only and is a perpetual license, not a subscription. Please contact us if you have a terminal server application or need an SI licensing option.

Popularly referred to as "lgh files" by those familiar with the Wonderware InTouch Human Machine Interface (HMI) software, these daily historical log files contain data for InTouch HMI tags which are typically only accessible using the Wonderware HistData Utility, Wonderware InTouch trending tools, or by migrating the data to Wonderware Historian.

LGH File Inspector 3 Step Export to Excel

LGH File Inspector can open and read lgh files effortlessly through an easy and intuitive user interface that gives plant operators, engineers, and managers the ability to query one or more InTouch tags for a given time frame and then export the results into a Microsoft Excel workbook or now a CSV file. There is no dependency on the HistData utility or the Wonderware InTouch HMI software.

LGH File Inspector allows users to:

  • Generate ad-hoc historical queries on the fly
  • Export data from lgh files to Microsoft Excel
  • Automate extraction of lgh file data
  • Quickly and easily generate reports in Microsoft Excel
  • Who can benefit from using LGH File Inspector?

  • Any company or industrial plant that uses Wonderware InTouch as their SCADA / HMI application
  • Anyone who needs to access historical lgh files
  • Systems integrators who use Wonderware InTouch on their SCADA and HMI projects
  • Engineering firms that need to analyze data in their clients lgh files
  • Anyone who needs to be able to quickly generate reports, graphs, or tables from lgh file data
  • Some of the features of LGH File Inspector include:

    Quick and Easy Installation.

    LGH File Inspector installs quickly and requires no special setup or configuration. Once it is installed, just browse to the folder that contains the lgh files you wish to analyze, and you are ready to query the historical data.

    Automatic Tag Discovery.

    LGH File Inspector automatically builds a list of the tags it finds in your lgh files. There is no setup or configuration required, and the program will build a new list of tags for each unique folder containing lgh files you point the LGH File Inspector to,making it easy to switch between multiple InTouch applications.

    Data export in ‘Fast Load’ format when exporting to CSV file.

    FastLoad functionality lets users import the CSV file as-is directly into the Wonderware Historian to insert LGH File data - a vital capability for when Wonderware Historian is introduced into a system that was just logging to LGH Files originally, or if the Wonderware Historian has to be taken offline and LGH files are used to insure no data is lost during the offline or maintenance period.

    Does not Require HistData or Wonderware InTouch software to run.

    LGH File Inspector has no dependency on Wonderware InTouch HMI software or the HistData Utility; it reads lgh files directly. Just browse to the folder containing the lgh files that you want to query and LGH File Inspector is ready to go. This makes LGH File Inspector a great tool for analysts and engineering firms. All a client has to do is provide you with the lgh files that you need to analyze, and LGH File Inspector can query all of the relevant data.

    Easily Build and Run Queries.

    Each query can be built and configured in just three easy steps:

    1 - Select the starting date and time, the duration, and the interval for returning data.

    2 - Drag and drop the tags you want to query into the Query Tags List.

    3 - Click the Run Query button.

    Automate Query Execution.

    Every query can be saved and executed automatically without having to reopen LGH File Inspector. Advanced query options provide the ability to schedule a query to execute at regular intervals and update an Excel workbook automatically.

    Also Functions as a Reporting Tool.

    Use Microsoft Excel to build reports that reference data populated by the LGH File Inspector. Workbooks can automatically receive data from one or more LGH File Inspector queries when the user opens the query, or from automatically generated queries run by any scheduling program, such as Windows Task Scheduler.


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