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PLC Direct/Koyo DirectNet Serial Protocol ActiveX Control

This item is no longer available for online ordering. See below for details on alternate products or products that may have superceded this item.

Use this ActiveX control to connect to AutomationDirect (PLC Direct) PLCs in the DL 05, 06, 105, 205, 303, and 405 series using their DirectNet serial protocol - need to pull data into VB or VC++ - this is your tool!
This ActiveX control allows you to easily write applications for Windows 95,98, NT, 2000, XP, and 2003 that communicate through the PC serial port with a PLCDirect processor module that supports the DirectNET communication protocol. The control handles all the communication protocol and allows you to retrieve data by setting simple properties and methods and monitoring events. The control comes with full documentation in print and in an online help file as well as the sample program shown above and the accompanying VB5 commented source code for the sample program. It contains many features to simplify your programming task as outlined below.

Designed using latest Microsoft ATL ActiveX technology. ATL (Active Template Library) allows very fast small sized ActiveX controls that use the latest COM features. Eliminates dependency on large DLL`s such as MFC. Can be used in any ActiveX container application such as Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Excel, Borland Delphi, etc.
Connect to as many as 80 PLC`s on an RS-422 serial network, supports BAUD rates to 38400.
Very fast communications, as low as 30-50 milliseconds per transaction. Can read 2000 `V` memory locations in about 2 seconds in a single transaction.
Read or write PLC `V` memory locations by setting a few properties and executing the Action method - it`s as simple as that.
Bit read or write allows reading or setting individual PLC bits, such as coils, inputs, outputs, or status. Bit writing automatically changes only the bits you want in a single transaction. No messy reading, masking and writing back is required - it`s all handled for you.
Done event indicates when transaction is complete and gives error results.
Automatic polling with adjustable poll interval. Poll multiple PLC`s and multiple `V` memory addresses and data lengths by creating `Poll objects`. You can create as many as you need.
Normal read/write transactions can take place even when polling is on.
Poll event indicates if data has changed and shows which bits in the data have changed for each poll object.
Read or write data in several formats: Integer, BCD, BCD long, Long, and Float.
Helper methods allow shifting data left or right, getting high or low words from longs, and checking individual bits in a value for `On` or `Off`.

Hardware Requirements - PLC Direct PLC that supports Directnet Protocol. This includes the DL205-240 and 250, the DL305 series with DCU units, and the DL405 series of CPUs. Check with PLC Direct/Koyo for the latest information on what protocols are supported on your hardware.

The control is licensed for development purposes on a per machine basis. You may distribute runtimes of the control with your custom compiled application without purchasing any runtime licenses. Call if you are creating an "off-the-shelf" HMI package for licensing terms for those types of applications.


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