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Symbol Factory 2.0 - Upgrade from Version 1.3

This item is no longer available for online ordering. See below for details on alternate products or products that may have superceded this item.

Users of Symbol Factory 1.3 can upgrade to Symbol Factory 2.0 by purchasing this upgrade license. Users of older versions (1.2 or older) should see the link below for your upgrade specials.
This item is for users of Symbol Factory Versions 1.3 to purchase to upgrade their software to Symbol Factory 2.0. (Users of Versions 1.2 or older click here)

Click for full details on Symbol Factory 2.0 including a free demonstration version or to order a full license.

You will be required to either have your older version installed OR have your existing serial number available during installation of an upgrade version of Symbol Factory 2.0. The installation program will look for an existing license on your computer and if it does not find one then it will ask you for your old serial number. DO NOT order this upgrade item if you do not have the ability to prove that you own a previous version through one of the means above. We are not able to lookup your serial number for you unless you as the owner purchased the license directly from Software Toolbox or Reichard Software in your name. Many of our historical sales are through distributors so often we do not have a record of who the end user was for each serial number. Thank you for your understanding.

IMPORTANT NOTE: - if you obtained Symbol Factory 1.3 or older with an HMI/MMI software package then you should contact the developer of that application to find out if they will be upgrading your license before you purchase this upgraded version.


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