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Silent Partner Runtime System for Wonderware InTouch

This item is no longer available for online ordering. See above for details on alternate products or products that may have superceded this item.

The Silent Partner Runtime System is a collection of utilities for use with Wonderware InTouch WindowViewer to add functionality for the operator.

The Silent Partner Runtime System is a collection of utilities for use with Wonderware InTouch WindowViewer to add functionality for the operator.

Works with Wonderware InTouch 6.0,7.0,8.0, 9.0 or higher on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003.

Version 2.1 Features

DXF File Viewer

The DXF File Viewer allows users to view Autocad Release 12 and older DXF files (only these versions) within InTouch. This software has been designed for the special needs of the MMI environment, such as bulletproofing and friendly multitasking. Since DXF files are loaded from disk at runtime, the viewer displays the very latest drawings, which may have been modified since the InTouch application was created. User can zoom in and zoom out or scroll the drawing in any direction.

This software is designed for just viewing DXF files within WindowViewer. If you are interested in importing DXF files from into your InTouch application for animation and editing, then you may want to purchase the Silent Partner Wizard Library 2.0 (#41237103).

PLC Data Monitor

The PLC Data Monitor is a diagnostic and troubleshooting tool which can monitor and change data registers in a PLC. This program can be used to test communication between your DDE server and your PLC, without actually running your MMI software or PLC programming software. Setpoints and data in the PLC can be changed without creating tags in your MMI software. User can type in any address in the PLC and view or modify its contents. The PLC Data Monitor can also be used to help debug your InTouch application by allowing you to view or change the value of any tag "on-the-fly" without creating animation links. Requires a DDE server for communication to your PLC. (Visit www.softwaretoolbox.com for a large selection of DDE servers).

Text Superbox

Display ASCII text files in your InTouch application in a scrollable, printable box. Text box is controlled using InTouch tagnames. Can be used to display documentation, procedures, lists, reports, old alarm logs, etc. Options include print button, save button, word wrap, big scroll buttons (for touchscreens), position of box, size of box, font name, and font size.

Bitmap Superbox

Display bitmap files in your InTouch application. Very useful for displaying 256-color photo-realistic images. Bitmaps are scrollable, zoomable, and printable. Supports 16-color or 256-color BMP files.

Set the PC Clock

Set the PC clock using InTouch tags. Can be used to synchronize PC clocks across a network or PLC clocks.

Change the Default Printer

Change the default Windows printer using InTouch tags.

Version 2.0 included free!

To support our users who have mixed InTouch environments or who are in transition from older versions of InTouch, we supply the full install set of Version 2.0 with your purchase of 2.1. The core features of 2.0 are all the same as 2.1 as listed on the previous page except that they work on 16-bit Windows 3.xx based systems running versions of InTouch back to 4.00 or higher.

In addition, since the older versions of InTouch and the Windows 3.xx operating system had different needs, you get the following features when you install the 16-bit version 2.0 product. If you are running InTouch 6.0 or higher or are running on Windows 95 then you arenít missing anything Ė these functions are either built-into InTouch 6.x or higher or donít apply to Windows 95/NT.

    • Excel Enhancements - Trigger Excel macros and commands directly using InTouch tags instead of sending keystrokes.

    • Other Bulletproofing - Disable Ctrl+Esc in all applications, make it impossible to close Windows, make Silent Partner invisible.

    • System Tags obsoleted by InTouch 6.0 or higher - Weekday, FreeDiskSpace, FreeMemory, SystemResources, ExcelRunning, WindowMakerRunning, AccessRunning

    • Cripple the Program Manager - Cripple the Program Manager to keep users out of programs that they should not be in.
    • Disable Ctrl-Alt-Del - Disable Ctrl-Alt-Del rebooting by checking one box.


Each copy of the Silent Partner Runtime System is licensed for installation on one (1) computer. Site licenses are available for large volume corporate installations Ė email tech@softwaretoolbox.com with the details of your needs.

System Requirements

  1. Wonderware InTouch Version 6.0,7.0,7.1,7.11,8.0,9.0 or later running on Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, or 2003 to run the 32-bit Version 2.1 tools installed by this product. OR
  2. Wonderware InTouch Version 4.00 or later running on Windows 3.11 if you want to install the included 16-bit Version 2.0 of the Silent Partner Runtime System.
  3. Hard Disk Space: 5 Mb for 32 bit Version 2.1, 1.5 Mb for 16-bit Version 2.0.


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