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OPC MULTIdrive-OPC server for any Generic RS232/485 device

This item is no longer available for online ordering. See above for details on alternate products or products that may have superceded this item.

Do you have a need to create a serial OPC Server device driver but need small quantities of the server and donŽt want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on custom development work ?

If you have the serial protocol documentation for the communications interface your hardware uses, OPC MULTIdrive allows you to create OPC servers for serial devices without programming in low level languages like C++. OPC MULTIdrive has a full range of features and options that allow it to handle just about any serial device including modem connections to remote devices.

With the integrated design environment of OPC MULTIdrive you have all your tools in one place: Development, runtime testing, test OPC client, and a free serial line analyzer built into the software to help you troubleshoot and understand your protocol. When youŽre ready to deploy your OPC server, the development mode is hidden from the user and only available to you for modifications or troubleshooting.

Flexible protocol configuration options
  • COM port types - RS232/422/485 on Com1 to Com4.
  • COM port settings - 110-256 Kbaud; 4-8 data bits; even, odd, mark, space, and no parity; 1, 1.5, or 2 stop bits; and selectable flow control.
  • Error Checking - CRC, LRC, timeouts, checksums. Other error detection schemes can be added easily by our development team if required.
  • Free Built-In Serial Line Analyzer - view communications on the screen and log ASCII or hex format dumps on disk for later review.
  • RTU Modem Control - you can execute commands needed to control modems, RF radios, etc. upon startup, shutdown, periodically or as otherwise required by your protocol.
  • Flexibility: Master/Slave, Solicited/Unsolicited or both supported. Communications can be initiated periodically based on time or signal changes (DSR, CTS, CD, RD), upon certain incoming characters, checksum failures, break signals or OPC client requests.
  • ASCII or Binary protocol mode supported
OPC Features
  • Built in test OPC client application - browse your driver just like your users will see it. Also a great troubleshooting tool.
  • Data Caching - when many OPC clients are connected, you donŽt want your OPC Server to do redundant reads of the device -- OPC MULTIDrive takes care of intelligently caching requests for efficient OPC client communications.
  • OPC 2.0a compliant with COM/DCOM support
  • Win32 C++ core design - our development team did all the really hard work in C++ in building OPC MULTIDrive so you can focus on implementing the protocol.
  • Engineering Unit Scaling OPC Items (tags) can be scaled to engineering cialis coupons units in your Server so your OPC client applications see the data the way they want to understand and interpret it rather than raw PLC data points.
OPC MULTIDrive works on Windows NT 4.0 platforms and will be available this year (2000) for Windows CE and Windows 2000 also. To get the best results with OPC MULTIDrive your computer should be a Pentium 233 or higher with 64 mb of working RAM and youŽll need 10 Mb of hard drive space to do a full install.

OPC MULTIDrive comes with a manual in electronic or print format that contains instructions on using OPC MULTIDrive and a tutorial that lets you build a sample driver without having to have a PLC. Our tutorial uses your modem (everyone has a modem!) as a serial device to communicate with for testing and teaching purposes.

Engineers creating OPC servers with OPC MULTIdrive do not need to know complicated Visual C++ programming skills but should be comfortable with working with serial communications and device protocol documentation.

If you would like to have someone configure your driver for you or do a custom enhancement to OPC MULTIdrive, contact us and our development team can work with you at competitive consulting rates.

Licensing OPC MULTIDrive is licensed on a per machine basis. No hardware keys. 5 and 10 license multi-packs are available as well as site licenses - contact us to discuss your volume licensing requirements.



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