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Symbol Factory  ArchestrA Enhances InTouch 10 Engineering Productivity & Results

September 5, 2007 – Charlotte, NCSoftware Toolbox Inc. today announced their new Symbol Factory for ArchestrA product, designed exclusively for Wonderware’s new InTouch 10 Visualization platform.  Symbol Factory for ArchestrA brings over 4,000 vector graphic scalable objects in over 60 categories into the new InTouch 10 ArchestrA Symbol Editor.  

With vertical market symbols for chemical, building automation, finishing, mining, pulp & paper, process, water & wastewater, wire & cable and more, Symbol Factory for ArchestrA empowers users of InTouch 10 with animatable vector objects for use standalone or with other ArchestrA symbols and System Platform Application Objects for their business needs.   Symbol Factory for ArchestrA also contains a range of pre-animated objects that InTouch 10 designers can use as is or as a basis for their own business specific solutions.  Symbol Factory for ArchestrA is licensed on a per InTouch 10 development node basis with no licenses needed for distribution of the resulting ArchestrA symbols with InTouch 10 and System Platform solutions built by users, system integrators, and machinery OEMs.   For full details visit   Customers can purchase Symbol Factory for ArchestrA from their local Wonderware representatives.

“The Wonderware InTouch 10 system is an incredible advancement in HMI/Visualization technology.  We’ve worked with Wonderware InTouch users for over 10 years and the ArchestrA Symbol Editor takes graphics creation to a new level of quality and reusability, especially when combined with Wonderware’s System Platform 3.  Users who have seen Symbol Factory for ArchestrA during our pre-release reviews have said the library will allow them to more rapidly build InTouch 10 graphics that meet their needs and they will recoup their investment in Symbol Factory for ArchestrA in the first project they use it on.  We appreciate Wonderware’s support of their 3rd party ISVs and expect we’ll be delivering even more tools for InTouch 10 in the coming months“, said John Weber, President, Software Toolbox Inc.

Keith Jones, Business Manager – HMI/Visualization at Wonderware adds, “We are very excited to have a prominent ISV such as Software Toolbox investing the InTouch 10 platform with their new Symbol Factory for ArchestrA product.  We are confident our users will welcome the vertical markets focus and engineering productivity enhancement Symbol Factory for ArchestrA will add to the already powerful InTouch 10 ArchestrA Symbol Editor.”

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