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Licenses of Symbol Factory ArchestrA are needed for your development workstations where you plan to run the InTouch WindowMaker or the ArchestrA Symbol Editor (i.e. ArchestrA IDE workstations).  If you are a system integrator or large user with a large number of development workstations, please ask your Wonderware Distributor to contact us about site licenses. We’ll need to know how many physical sites and # of development stations you expect to have.

Licenses are NOT needed for deploying InTouch WindowViewer applications or Application Objects using ArchestrA symbols created using Symbol Factory ArchestrA.

Where to Purchase:

Symbol Factory ArchestrA maybe purchased from your local Wonderware Distributor and this should be your first point of contact for purchase.

Please buy from your  local Wonderware Distributor if at all possible! Ask your local Wonderware Distributor to include support when you order your base license.


Part Number

Item Name





Symbol Factory ArchestrA

US$ 695

Single ArchestrA IDE/InTouch WindowMaker workstation license.  No runtime licenses needed



1 year support & maintenance agreement for Symbol Factory ArchestrA

US$ 139

Provides support and updates for 1 year from time of purchase of your base license.




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