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Symbol Factory ArchestrA

Symbol Factory ArchestrA Key Features

Built for Now & the Future - ArchestrA Symbols built specifically for InTouch 10 and beyond. 

  • Scalable - Symbols are vector based and scale independent of screen resolution.  The symbols leverage the vector graphics capabilities of the ArchestrA Symbol Editor
  • Animatable - Every part of the symbol is available for connecting your custom properties and animations to achieve just the look you want.
  • Centrally managed in your ArchestrA IDE Graphics Toolbox and can be deployed throughout your galaxy. 
  • Deployable - Make a change in the galaxy repository and all instances of the Symbol Factory ArchestrA symbols are updated in your applications
  • Embedable - Embed any Symbol Factory ArchestrA symbol into your System Platform Application Objects using System Platform 3.0 or higher
  • Extensive - 60 categories of over 4,000 ArchestrA symbols.
  • Industrial - In addition to common industrial equipment, Symbol Factory ArchestrA includes vertical market categories for Pulp & Paper, Chemicals, Building Automation, Water & WasteWater, Mining, Finishing, and more.  This is not office grade clip art.  These ArchestrA symbols were built with manufacturing automation in mind.
  • Works with InTouch 10 or Newer : InTouch Managed or InTouch Managed with System Platform have the ArchestrA Symbol Editor that the Symbol Factory ArchestrA libraries install into

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